"They had been reassigned to punishment duty, feeding the two-headed Spikit in their pens. Spikit being as they were, the feeders inevitably wound up also being the food."
— Narrator, Empire of the Skrall


Spikit are two-headed creatures native to Spherus Magna.


Fil:Set Baranus V7.jpg

A Spikit at work

Sahmad owns a Spikit, which pulls his chariot, the Baranus V7. His Spikit has become very adept at fighting with Rock Steeds.Skabelon:CN

Several Spikit were held in captivity in pens in Roxtus and kept in near-starving conditions. Skrall who failed to perform their duties were reassigned the punishment of feeding the Spikit, a task which often resulted in the Skrall being eaten as well.Skabelon:OnlineCitation

A caravan of Ice Agori used a Spikit to pull them and their wares to trade with Tajun. When their escort, Gelu, spotted the Bone Hunter Fero in the distance, he sent the caravan into a sandstorm to hide them while he fought Fero.[1]

Metus, arranging a convoy from Iconox to Vulcanus, acquired a Spikit to pull a heavy caravan full of Exsidian. When the caravan was attacked by a group of Dune Snakes, the Spikit panicked, but was calmed by Kirbold. After falling down the Dark Falls, the Spikit survived, and ran off. Another Spikit and caravan was acquired from Roxtus for the convoy to use.[2]

Fil:Comic Sahmad on Baranus V7.png

A Spikit pulling the Baranus V7 in the Comics

Abilities and Traits[]

Spikit possess massive strength, which is usually put to use by the Agori by having the Spikit pull wagons and caravans. Spikits' two heads work in concert to provide one mind.[3][4] If one of a Spikit's heads is cut off, it can largely recover because the remaining brain can gradually take over many of the functions of the lost one.[4] Spikit are naturally claustrophobic.[2]

Fil:Set Spikit Rearing.png

A Spikit in set form

Known for their voracious appetites, Spikit must constantly have their hunger satiated, or else they will eat anything nearby, including living beings. However, if well-fed, they will defend a caravan at the cost of their own life.

Set Information[]

A Spikit was released alongside Sahmad as part of the 8994 Baranus V7 set in the late half of 2009. 94 of the set's pieces are used in the construction of the Spikit.


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  • BIONICLE: Glatorian
    • The Crossing (FA)


  • Comic 5: Valley of Fear

Story Serials

  • Empire of the Skrall (M)
  • Sahmad's Tale


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