Skabelon:EraG1 Skabelon:Nickname Skabelon:Location The Stalactite Villages, also known as the Sky Villages, were villages in Karda Nui where the Av-Matoran lived.


Originally stalactites on Karda Nui's ceiling, the villages were formed after the stalactites fell and impaled themselves in the ground during the Great Cataclysm. Later, the Av-Matoran built villages on top of them, carving homes into the rock and creating thatched huts out of plants from the Swamp of Secrets. Around the villages were ScareRahi, used to scare off dangerous Rahi, and each were connected by rope bridges, made out of vines also from the Swamp of Secrets.Skabelon:CN

After the Brotherhood of Makuta launched an attack on the Av-Matoran, only one village remained as an Av-Matoran colony, as the bridges were severed, and all other villages had been taken by the Shadow Matoran. This village was protected by a Lightvine, to prevent the Makuta from getting inside. The village was destroyed by the Makuta, but the Toa Nuva and the Matoran had already left.[1]

The Stalactite Villages were destroyed in the Energy Storms.

Fil:Stalactite Villages Swamp View.png

A view of fallen Stalactite Villages from the Swamp of Secrets


The villages were supported by long, thin cords, and even these foundations of the stalactites were fragile. It was virtually impossible to escape from them unless by flight. Bridges made out of vines from the Swamp of Secrets used to connect them, but most of these were severed. The air around the villages was good, and had excellent visibility.[1]


Av-Matoran and Shadow Matoran[]

The Av-Matoran and the Shadow Matoran were the primary residents of the Stalactite Villages. All but one village was conquered by the Makuta during the Siege of Karda Nui. The remaining Av-Matoran Village was destroyed by the Makuta, who soon found out that all of the residents had already evacuated.[1] The remaining villages have all been destroyed by the reactivated Energy Storms.[2]


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