"In Ga-Koro, our Wall is above us... the Great Blanket of Stars that stretches over Mata Nui, floating in the endless Sea."
Nireta, The Final Chronicle

Skabelon:Location The Wall of Stars is the name given to the celestial sphere by the Matoran of Mata Nui.


Fil:MNOLGII Ga-Koro Hut Exterior.png

Nixie's two-tiered astro laboratory, with a telescope for observing the Wall

The Wall of Stars was the counterpart of the Wall of History in Ta-Koro and the Wall of Prophecy in Ko-Koro. The Matoran, specifically the Ga-Matoran astrologers of Ga-Koro, used the constellations in the Wall of Stars to predict future events when the Red Star passed through them. In addition, navigators such as Nireta used the Wall of Stars to create charts and maps.

During the time after the Toa Mata had arrived on the island, the wandering Av-Matoran Takua often utilized the Wall of Stars through the use of the Great Telescope to foresee happenings on Mata Nui.

After the Bohrok-Kal strike, the Wall was extensively studied and charted by Ga-Matoran astrologer Nixie, who was attempting to interpret a prophecy detailing the coming of the Toa of Light. It took Hahli's discovery of the Crystal of Purity for Nixie to recalculate her data and yield the number seven.



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