"Speak for yourself. I don't fight for free."
Glatorian Strakk, Sands of Bara Magna

Former Glatorian
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Status Alive

Strakk is a willful, ambitious warrior, formerly a Glatorian in the employ of the Ice Tribe.


Early life[]

Strakk originated in a region far north of Bara Magna, and fought in the Core War under the order of the Element Lord of Ice. During the war, Strakk traveled to the region of Bara Magna in order to take care of some business. He was near Iconox when the Shattering occurred, cutting him off from his home. Strakk fled to Iconox, taking refuge there. He eventually joined the newly developed social system, and became the village's secondary Glatorian. When the primary fighter, Certavus, died, Strakk was promoted to his position.

Glatorian career[]

Iconox contracted Strakk to fight Malum, the secondary Glatorian of Vulcanus. Strakk was eventually forced to concede the fight, though Malum continued to attack, attempting to kill the Ice Glatorian. Malum was stopped, and later exiled from his tribe.

Gresh was assigned by Tesara to fight in the Arena Vulcanus against one of the Skrall in a dispute over an oasis. He sought out Tarix and Strakk, and together, the three began the journey to the Fire Tribe. Along the way, they encountered Berix under attack by Fero. Strakk and his allies managed to defeat the Bone Hunter, but Strakk was stampeded by Skirmix in the process.

Fil:Comic Strakk Vorox.png

Strakk fighting a Vorox

As the four continued to travel, they found themselves beset upon by a pack of wild Vorox. They managed to defend themselves until the pack retreated, and saw Malum directing the pack from a distance.

When the Glatorian finally arrived, Strakk and Tarix observed the fight between Gresh and the Skrall. Although Strakk believed Gresh wouldn't survive the fight, he was impressed with how long he managed to stay in the battle.

Later, when an Agori sent by Raanu to seek his help arrived at Iconox and showed him he had gained Iconox's favor from Metus, Strakk was impressed and assumed that the Agori had used trickery to get it. He agreed to aid the other Glatorian in resisting the Bone Hunter raids that plagued Vulcanus. In return for keeping quiet about his plans, he offered the Agori an Honor Badge that would allow him to seek an audience with the Skrall.

The Crossing[]

Metus approached Strakk with an offer to escort a trade caravan to Vulcanus. Realizing the danger of such a mission, Strakk refused, recalling past events where the Agori had led him astray. Sensing a potential profit to be made, Strakk let the Agori prevail with his pleas, and eventually struck a bargain. Strakk, in preparation for the trip, began loading the caravan with various weapons, as well as extra Thornax fruits. Though the extra additions delayed the convoy for several hours, Strakk insisted that they were necessary in the event of a Bone Hunter attack. As they traveled, Strakk continued to argue with Gresh about the better method of dealing with the Bone Hunters, who Strakk knew would attack once they learned of the contents of the caravan. After they were out of sight of Iconox, Strakk revealed his plan to split the Exsidian with the members of the convoy, and wreck the caravan to make it look like a Bone Hunter attack. He was taken aback by the disagreement over his plan, and was forced to move ahead of the convoy so that the others could keep an eye on him. The convoy later halted for a rest, and set out again later in the day.

While traveling, Strakk spotted a Sand Bat attacking another desert animal, and expressed his disgust at the creature. Kirbold then noticed an approaching pack of Dune Snakes, and warned the others. Strakk attempted to flee on his Sand Stalker, but was caught in a patch of quicksand.

Gresh rescued him from the quicksand, using a rope. Strakk refused to make an effort in saving the caravan at the risk of his own life, but relented when Gresh offered half of his own pay for the job.

They eventually reached the Black Spike Mountains, and Strakk mentioned how no Core War battles were ever fought there. Malum arrived, and warned the Glatorian that the Skrall were in the area. He disappeared, though Skrall soon showed up and captured the group.

Later in their travels, the convoy accidentally fell down the Dark Falls, into the headwaters of the Skrall River. Strakk, Kirbold, and Tarduk made it out, but Gresh had hit his head, and was knocked out. Strakk accepted Tarduk's offer of half his next big discovery, and dove into the waters to pull the Glatorian out. Kiina and Ackar arrived shortly after, and they discussed recovering the lost Exsidian. Kiina was upset with Strakk for only saving Gresh after accepting payment, but did not confront him about it. Ackar selected Strakk to be bait for their newly formulated plan, and sent him out into the wastelands to pretend to be a lost traveler. Strakk refused to leave without a water canteen, despite the unlikelihood of a wanderer carrying one.

A Skrall patrol, led by Stronius later found Strakk, who lied about his ordeal, and pretended that all of his fellow guard members were killed. Stronius offered to fish the exsidian out of the river, and acquired a caravan and Spikit from Roxtus. After retrieving all of the ingots from the river, Stronius attempted to kill Strakk to keep him silent, but was stopped by an ambush sprung by the rest of the escort. The group fled, but soon ran into Malum, and his pack of Vorox.

War Against the Skrall[]

Strakk later traveled to the Arena Magna in order to compete in the Great Tournament. During a practice match with Tarix, Strakk was disarmed, but noted the technique for later use. The next day, Strakk engaged in a real match with Tarix, and utilized the same disarming move on the Water Tribe fighter. Their match was interrupted by Raanu, who told them of an approaching army of Skrall. Instinctively desiring to retreat, Strakk eventually assisted his fellow Glatorian in fighting the Rock Tribe, though they found themselves outmatched and overpowered, and fled the arena. Strakk regrouped with his allies, and discussed plans for fighting the Skrall.

Fil:Strakk vs. Tarix.png

Strakk fighting Tarix

Strakk was later approached by Gresh, who was seeking help in defending Vulcanus from Bone Hunters. Strakk refused, but was persuaded to come when Gresh promised a large payment for his efforts. Soon after arriving, Strakk turned around and departed. While traveling, he spotted the band of Hunters, and hid himself near their camp. Upon hearing that the Bone Hunters intended to completely obliterate Vulcanus, Strakk returned to the village of Fire, and smugly reported the news. Gelu implied that Strakk had been running away, goading the Prime Glatorian. Strakk attempted to attack Gelu but was stopped by Kiina.

The next day, the Bone Hunters attacked, but were eventually deterred by the traps set out by the villagers. While waiting for Gresh to return from tracking the Hunters, Strakk fought with the cook of the local inn, and was forcibly stopped by Kiina, destroying much of the building in the process. When Gresh returned with news that the Bone Hunters had fled, Raanu dismissed the Glatorian, and Strakk demanded his payment.

The Glatorian left Vulcanus and headed to Tesara, where they convinced Vastus to assist them in their cause. They returned to Vulcanus, arriving in time to defend the village from marauding Bone Hunters.

Arrival of Mata Nui[]

Strakk was hired for an arena match in Vulcanus, and traveled to the village to fight Ackar. Ackar defeated Strakk, and forced him to give up. After admitting defeat, Strakk attacked Ackar when his back was turned, knocking the Fire Glatorian over. As Strakk was about to deliver a blow to the Fire Tribe warrior, Mata Nui interrupted and attacked Strakk. He fought back, forcing Mata Nui to the ground. He was taken aback when Mata Nui's Vorox stinger turned into a sword, and Mata Nui used this to his advantage and defeated Strakk. Strakk conceded, and left the arena.

Due to the attack on Tajun, Iconox decided not to exile Strakk for the time being, and he participated in the Battle of Roxtus. After the victory of Glatorian and Agori, Strakk was exiled to the wastelands.[1]

Abilities and Traits[]

Strakk would refuse to accept jobs he believed were not worth the pay, or were too hazardous. He desired to win the annual tournament in the Arena Magna and become champion of the Glatorian.

In the arena, Strakk occasionally resorted to dirty tactics, neglecting the sportsmanship expected of him. His attitude eventually lead to his assault on Ackar after a match was over, which he was subsequently banished for.


Strakk carries a massive Ice Axe, as well as a Thornax Launcher customary of one who fights in the arenas. He was known to occasionally carry a shield in arena battles. It was later taken by Ackar as a victory trophy. Stats[]

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Set Information[]

Fil:Set Strakk.png

The Strakk set

The Strakk set was released as one of six Glatorian canister sets in early 2009. It contains 46 pieces, among them a Thornax fruit and a rotating "life counter" piece on his back which indicates Strakk's health in the BIONICLE Action Figure Game. The Strakk set and its canister are both used in the game.


"I fight for money. Want my sword? You'll have to pay for it."
— Strakk,

"Facing me in the Arena will make your blood run cold."
— Strakk,

"It's them or me. It's that simple. I will do anything I can to win - do you think my opponents see it any differently? Don't be foolish."
— Strakk, My LEGO Network BIONICLE Campaign



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