"An elite warrior never surrenders his weapon."
— Stronius, Empire of the Skrall

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Status Alive

Stronius is a special forces Skrall, and is the current head of one of the fragments of the Rock Tribe.


Core War[]

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Stronius lived in a mountainous area of Bota Magna with the rest of the Rock Tribe, which was governed by the Element Lord of Rock. Originally a nameless Skrall, Stronius was one of the special forces, gifted with greater strength and agility.

After the discovery of Energized Protodermis, he fought in the Core War on Spherus Magna. During the war, Stronius commanded a Skrall patrol, which he led in a victory against a large force of Jungle Tribe warriors. He was later granted the name "Stronius" for his effectiveness as a soldier. Stronius was given command of a much larger amount of Skrall, and led this unit against the Ice Tribe. Their battle inadvertently gave the Fire Tribe the opportunity to seize control of the spring, which resulted in the Shattering. When the planet broke into several pieces, Stronius was separated from his homeland along with the majority of the Skrall.[1]

Bara Magna[]

Northern Region[]

As the Skrall attempted to establish a new home for themselves in the northern areas of the Black Spike Mountains, Stronius assisted by defending the village against wildlife, and capturing outsiders to use as forced labor. He was also placed in charge of handling disciplinary problems within the Skrall ranks.

While venting his rage on a training Skrall, Stronius was approached by Tuma. Stronius expressed his dissatisfaction at waiting inside the fortress, and was presented with an opportunity to satiate his lust for battle when Branar returned from an encounter with the Baterra. The legion soon moved out, and began searching for the Baterra. The Baterra's successful ambush tactics angered Stronius, who used himself and several other Skrall as bait. His ruse worked, and he managed to destroy a Baterra, discovering that they were machines. The other two Baterra present fled, and Stronius summoned the Skrall to pursue them. They were ambushed by a massive amount of Baterra, and forced back to their fortress. The Baterra managed to eventually sneak into the fortress and killed many Skrall. Tuma had the fortress set on fire, and the Skrall migrated to the wastelands, where they set up residence in Roxtus.


Tuma entered the warrior class Skrall into the Glatorian system, and Stronius was assigned to view their Arena Matches to ensure their quick success.

Displeased by the slow pace of Tuma's conquest plans, Stronius initiated his own movement, and began stealing and sabotaging equipment, while framing other tribes for the vandalism. However, the plan failed, as the aftermath of the Core War prevented the Agori from fighting one another. When Tuma learned of what Stronius had been doing, he had the elite warrior punished, as his scheme had put Tuma's plans in jeopardy.[1]

While patrolling the deserts of Bara Magna, Stronius encountered the Glatorian Strakk, who claimed to have been the sole survivor of a caravan escort, and that their cargo was at the bottom of the river. Suspicious of his story, Stronius ordered a search to confirm it, and had a new caravan brought from Roxtus. The messenger also brought back the displeasure of Tuma, though the Rock Tribe leader permitted the mission to proceed. Once the Skrall were done fishing the Exsidian out of the river, Stronius turned his Thornax Launcher on Strakk, and attempted to kill him. Thornax blasts from Strakk's allegedly dead caravan allies dispersed the Skrall, and the Glatorian succeeded in hijacking the caravan. Stronius and his Skrall began chasing the escaping Glatorian on their Sand Stalkers, when the Glatorian encountered Malum with his pack of Vorox, who also apparently opposed them. However, Ackar tricked Stronius into thinking the Vorox were on their side, convincing the elite warrior to attack the beasts. Both sides took heavy casualties before the Vorox retreated, with Stronius and his warriors being unable to pursue.

Stronius accompanied Tuma on a return trip to the north, to meet with the Sisters of the Skrall. The female Skrall leader granted them an audience, but Stronius refused to lay down his weapon at her request. Stronius was struck with a powerful mental assault, forcing him to his knees, and he eventually relinquished his weapon. The Sisters ordered his death, and Stronius was trapped in a powerful illusion, in which his armor shattered to reveal a Baterra. Tuma managed to barter their way out of execution, and the illusion dissipated. Stronius was angry with his leader for dealing with the Sisters, preferring death to giving in to them. When they arrived at a stretch of the route they had traveled before, the two Skrall realized there had been fewer trees when they had previously walked through. Both assumed the trees to be Baterra, and readied their weapons. Tuma warned the other Skrall about not charging recklessly into the fight, and Stronius derisively suggested calling the Sisters for their help. In response, Tuma knocked the Skrall over, and put his blade to the throat. Stronius realized he had gone too far, and bowed his head in the Skrall symbol of submission. After re-examining the trees, Stronius concluded that the trees were decoys, to prevent them from noticing the real threat. The Baterra struck Tuma in the back, and Stronius charged the shapeshifters with his club. He was knocked unconscious during the battle, but was saved by the intervention of Metus. The Ice Agori bargained himself into being named leader of the Rock Tribe should Tuma be incapacitated, but Tuma secretly ordered Stronius to kill the Agori in the event of his death or defeat.

Stronius later confronted Tuma about his plans to have the Bone Hunters invade Vulcanus. Tuma assuaged the doubts of his special forces leader, informing him of the trivial nature of the event.

Arrival of Mata Nui[]

While in Roxtus, Stronius disciplined an escaping Vorox, but was berated by Tuma. While he conversed with his leader, the Ignika entered the atmosphere, and created a bright glare. Stronius, though worried at first, eventually assumed it was a shooting star, and dismissed it.

After Tuma's defeat, Stronius participated in the Battle of Roxtus. During the battle he fought against Gelu, who pursued him into the Black Spike Mountains despite being wounded. The Glatorian was unable to defeat Stronius and later retreated. After the Rock Tribe's ultimate defeat, Stronius took charge of one of the fragments of the tribe.

Battle of Bara Magna[]

Seeking vengeance for the humiliation the Skrall suffered, Stronius took advantage of the robot fight on Bara Magna and sent a troop of Skrall to attack the Glatorian, hoping to torture Mata Nui by killing his friends. When the battle was won by Mata Nui, Stronius escaped capture from the united forces of the Glatorian and Toa.

Mata Nui succeeded in restoring Spherus Magna, and Stronius now resides on that planet once more.

Abilities and Traits[]

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Stronius in Roxtus

As a special forces Skrall, Stronius possesses greater strength and toughness than the warrior class, as well as being a quicker thinker. He is described as a fearsome and cruel warrior. Stronius enjoyed a special friendship with Tuma, but they did not always agree. Stronius found Tuma's strategy to conquer Bara Magna too cautious and found himself bored while waiting for the chance to attack the other villages. He also thought it was unwise to ally with the traitor Metus, as Stronius believed anyone who would sell out their own people could never be trusted.


Stronius wields a Thorned Club, and also carries a Thornax Launcher. Stats[]

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Stronius in set form

Set Information[]

Stronius was released as one of the six "Glatorian Legends" canister sets in the latter half of 2009. The set contains fifty-five pieces including a Thornax Launcher, a Thornax, and a life counter for use in the BIONICLE Action Figure Game.


"Fight, you fool! I want a test of my skills, not just another victim!"
— Stronius to a Skrall, Fall and Rise of the Skrall


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