"Turaga Vakama lives in Ta-Koro. Located in the shadow of the Mangai volcano, the village looks like a collection of miniature volcanoes. It even has a small lava stream for heating.
In the area around the village, burning lava streams flow like rivers down the mountain. Sometimes the main volcano bursts open and rains pure fire.

Skabelon:Location Ta-Koro was the village of Fire on Mata Nui and home to the Ta-Matoran. It was located near the Mangai Volcano on the island's eastern half, south of Ga-Koro and north of Le-Koro.


When the Toa Metru first came to the island, Vakama personally chose Ta-Koro's location, keeping a good defense in mind. After the Toa returned with the rescued Matoran, the village was constructed using parts from some of the Matoran Spheres and the Airships,[1] while the living structures for the Ta-Matoran were built from cooled lava.Skabelon:OnlineCitation


Ta-Koro under attack by Bohrok

After the village was constructed, Makuta Teridax's promised year of peace expired, the Great War broke out between the Makuta's infected Rahi and the Ta-Matoran. Though the Ta-Koro Guard, led by Jala, managed to hold the Rahi at bay, the incessant attacks took their toll: Over the years, the amount of inhabitable land grew ever smaller, and the Ta-Matoran ever more desperate. One particularly costly battle between the Rahi and the Ta-Koro Guard resulted in the immolation of the fertile jungle near Ta-Koro, leaving it a blackened, dead forest where few Matoran ventured. Hope eventually arrived, however, in the form of the Toa Mata, who temporarily defeated the Makuta and restored peace to the village for a short time.

During the Bohrok Invasion, a swarm of Pahrak and Kohrak attacked Ta-Koro in an attempt to "clean" the area. Kapura managed to slip away to Kini-Nui to warn the Toa Mata of the attack. The Toa used the Kakama power of their Golden Kanohi to speed to the village and put a stop to the oncoming swarm. Once the Bahrag were defeated, Ta-Koro, along with the rest of Mata Nui, was rebuilt.

Fil:MoL Ta-Koro Sinking.PNG

Ta-Koro sinking

When the Bohrok-Kal struck, Tahnok-Kal stole Tahu's Nuva Symbol from Ta-Koro, rendering him powerless. Eventually, it was recovered, and kept in a safer place.

Shortly after the Mask of Light was found by Takua, Teridax unleashed three Rahkshi to acquire it. The Panrahk, Guurahk, and Lerahk then proceeded to destroy Ta-Koro in their search for the mask, although the Matoran evacuated before the village sank into the lava.



The inside of Ta-Koro

Ta-Koro was located in the middle of the Lake of Fire, in the shadow of the Mangai Volcano. The village's exterior was designed like a fortress so that its people could better defend themselves, featuring high, fortified walls and a retractable stone bridge connecting to the rest of Ta-Wahi; in the event of an attack, this bridge could be lowered into the surrounding lava with a lever's pull. Ta-Matoran commonly worked as Crafters and Lava Farmers, who drew lava from beneath the nearby volcano and used it to craft tools and produce fertile soil. After the Bohrok-Kal Strike, the Ta-Matoran celebrated by constructing a large Kolhii stadium. Ta-Koro was later destroyed by the Rahkshi and sank into the lava that surrounded it. Though the Kanohi Masks of Tahu were destroyed, Tahu's Nuva Symbol was brought with the evacuated Matoran, preserving his power.


Fil:MoL Ta-Koro Path to Kolhii Field.png

The path to the Kolhii Field in Mask of Light


The Ta-Matoran were the primary Matoran residents of Ta-Koro. The Matoran of Ta-Koro resided in homes made from cooled lava, and they performed day-to-day activities such as Lava Farming or Lava Surfing. Several notable Matoran lived here, such as the Captain of the Guard, Jaller (now Toa Mahri of Fire), and the Chronicler, Takua (now Takanuva, Toa of Light). The Ta-Matoran's resistance to heat was what enabled them to live comfortably here.

Notable Former Inhabitants[]


Fil:BIONICLE The Legend of Mata Nui Ta-Koro.png

Ta-Koro as seen in The Legend of Mata Nui

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