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"I awake to find myself upon the beach. I recall that I saw this island from far overhead in a dream, just before the sound of the waves washing upon the shore and birds flying about the sky brought me to consciousness. Indeed, I feel as though I myself fell from the sky and landed here."
Takua's thoughts, Mata Nui Online Game

Skabelon:Location The Ta-Wahi Beach was a beach near Ta-Koro on the island of Mata Nui.


The Ta-Wahi Beach came into being when the Great Spirit Mata Nui's camouflage system was accidentally activated during the Great Cataclysm and created the island of Mata Nui.

Fil:Takua fall.PNG

Matoran Takua falling on Ta-Wahi Beach

The Av-Matoran Takua, who had been banished from Ta-Koro due to his adventurous habits, was blasted onto the beach when the Toa Stones created an energy beam that threw him out of Kini-Nui. The resulting impact damaged his mind, giving him amnesia. While he was knocked out, Tahu's Toa Canister landed on the beach. Tahu took little notice of Takua and wandered into the Charred Jungle. Macku, shortly after that, arrived in a Boat and asked Takua to help save Ga-Koro from an infected Tarakava.

On the beach there was the carved portal which led to the Bohrok Nests. It could only be passed through when the user had the key to it, which Turaga Onewa possessed, but did not know the use for. He gave Takua the key, and Takua escaped Mangaia and the Bohrok Nest using this method.

The beach was also a place that Turaga Vakama came to think, and he was doing this when Takua emerged from the nest.

Hahli came to the beach when she was fleeing Ta-Koro, which had been destroyed by the Rahkshi. She went up a giant stone stairway at the end to find the Makuta Stone and the Mata Nui Stone, surrounded by six stones representing the Toa. Those stones each had an empty slot in them and the symbols of the Virtues and the Kolhii Skills carved onto the face. Hahli placed the respective Crystals into the slots, causing the stones to emit a bright glow. According to Turaga Nokama, this unlocked the secrets of the Mata Nui stone and the Makuta stone, which prompted the Turaga to give her the position as new Chronicler.

After Vakama promised the Toa Nuva that he would continue his tales of Metru Nui, it was on the Ta-Wahi Beach that Nuju confronted him about it, asking him not to tell the Toa any more.

The Great Telescope was located on top of the stairway on the beach, on a side opposite to the stones.

The beach was later cleared of matter by the Bohrok swarms, and it was later wiped from existence by Mata Nui's awakening.


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