"His subjects lived in mortal fear of him, and well they should have, considering that finding new and better ways to perform executions was his favorite hobby."
The Shadowed One, Dark Hunters


"Tyrant" was a power-hungry Dark Hunter who was betrayed by the organization.


On his native island, Tyrant was a member of The Shadowed One's species, where he lived peacefully until Ancient's actions resulted in civil war. He participated in the conflict until his newly whetted appetite for conquest resulted in his decision to leave the island.[1][2] Abandoning his homeland, he led a group of subjects from his own species to a small island south of Odina.[3] There he ruled brutally and was feared by his subjects due to his hobby of performing executions.

3,000 years ago, during the Toa-Dark Hunter War, Tyrant agreed to ally with the Dark Hunters, but never considered himself a true member. He spent half of his time challenging the Shadowed One's authority, and intended to usurp control of the Dark Hunters from him.

At one point in the war, the Shadowed One sent Tyrant with a group of Dark Hunters to confront Toa Mangai Lhikan and his Toa comrades on Metru Nui. Unbeknownst to Tyrant, his companions had been ordered to abandon him when the fight began. Tyrant was soundly defeated by the Toa and disappeared beneath the waves of the Silver Sea, vowing revenge on the Shadowed One.[4] However, he managed to survive.[5]

Following the Battle of Bara Magna, the Great Spirit Robot was dismantled, and Tyrant was evacuated from the Matoran Universe to Spherus Magna, along with the rest of its inhabitants.[6][7]

Abilities and Traits[]

Tyrant has the power to absorb heat, enabling him to reach dangerously high temperatures. He can then release the heat, creating a massive blast of heat. He can also use superheated air for levitation. His armor can equally withstand extremely high and extremely low temperatures.[4]


  • Tyrant was created by Eric Richter, for the LEGO Magazine Dark Hunter Building Challenge, and was given a storyline role and place in the book BIONICLE: Dark Hunters, by Greg Farshtey.
  • Tyrant's image in BIONICLE: Dark Hunters is likely mirrored, evidenced by the creators photos taken of his prototype.





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