"Darkness is rising, Toa. You cannot stop it."
— Umarak to Lewa, Quest for Unity

Skabelon:Master Umarak, the Hunter, was an ancient warrior from the shadows who led the Shadow Traps and sought to capture the great Elemental Creatures. After being mutated by the Mask of Control, he became known as the Destroyer.


The Hunter[]

Umarak came into being at the same time as the Elemental Creatures millennia ago. Born from the shadows, he was created to hunt the Creatures, and capture them to acquire their powers. The Protectors gave him his name, and came to fear his presence.[1]

Fil:BJTO-Umarak unties with Uxar.png

Umarak unites with Uxar

Umarak was assigned by Makuta to retrieve the Mask of Control, a task that led him to search out the Elemental Creatures. While hunting down Uxar, the Creature of Jungle, he was confronted by Toa Lewa. After a short battle, Lewa emerged victorious after realizing Umarak depended on shadow to move around, using his mastery over plant life to move the tree canopies out of the way and trap Umarak in the sunlight. Umarak, temporarily bested, was able to make it back to the shade and fled the scene by teleporting away through the shadows.[JTO, Ep. 1] He was soon contacted by Makuta, who informed him that he had to capture an Elemental Creature in order to find the Mask of Control. After attacking the Toa and then observing them, he deduced that Pohatu and Ketar had the weakest bond, and determined that the Creature of Stone would help him accomplish his task. After infiltrating the Labyrinth of Control and attacking Pohatu, he forced Ketar to aid him in entering the chamber where the Mask of Control was hidden; incapacitating the Toa with Shadow Traps, Umarak smashed open the crystal housing the Mask of Control and escaped from the chamber.

Fil:JTO Umarak and Makuta.jpg

Makuta's spirit and Umarak

Umarak fled the Labyrinth with his prize, but was pursued by Pohatu. Unable to fully control his fusion with Ketar, Umarak was attacked by the Creature, distracting him enough for Pohatu to attack and free Ketar. However, when Pohatu made a move for the Mask of Control, Umarak threw Ketar off of a cliff; Pohatu chose to rescue Ketar, while Umarak escaped with the mask.

When again contacted by Makuta, Umarak was informed that he would now be serving the Mask Hoarder, something he vehemently refused. However, upon donning the Mask of Control, Umarak began to transform, falling under Makuta's power and becoming Umarak, the Destroyer.[JTO, Ep. 1]

The Destroyer[]

Now loyal to his new master, Umarak followed Makuta's orders to raise the Shadow Horde, which he hoped to lead into battle. Instead, Makuta gave his servant another task: recovering the pieces of the Mask of Ultimate Power to enable Makuta's escape from the Shadow Realm. Umarak soon accomplished his task but was spied upon by Agil. The Destroyer attacked Agil upon discovering his presence, but the creature escaped. Traveling to the Region of Stone, Umarak began using his power to raise a dark mountain from the Black Crater so that he could perform the ritual to free Makuta. As Umarak did so, the Toa and an enhanced Ekimu appeared to confront him. However, Umarak summoned Elemental Beasts to hold his opponents off while he continued in his efforts.[JTO, Ep. 3]

After he ascended the mountain, Umarak dispersed the Mask of Ultimate Power's fragments around the growing portal that would free Makuta. When the Toa arrived, they found themselves cut off from Okoto's elements and apparently powerless; Umarak, meanwhile, summoned his powers of Shadow to slow the Toa's advance, trapping them in a mud-like mass of shadows. Ekimu, undeterred, merged with Agil to combine their powers in a powerful burst of Light that temporarily weakened Umarak, allowing Gali to steal one of the mask fragments. However, she got too close to the portal, and her spirit was pulled into the Shadow Realm. Umarak, having absorbed the energies of Light that had struck him, claimed Ekimu's Light attack had unintentionally granted him the power to finish his mission; however, this would ultimately be key to Umarak's demise, as Makuta betrayed him once again. Makuta used Umarak's energies to complete the portal, and Umarak's body was destroyed in the process, killing him and leaving behind the Mask of Control.[JTO, Ep. 4]

Abilities and Traits[]

Fil:BJTO-Umarak pears Uxar's memories.png

Umarak united with Uxar

Umarak was as ancient as Okoto itself, connected to the primeval force of darkness. He was a skilled hunter, choosing his targets based on their weaknesses, and patient enough to carefully scout out his potential prey before he strikes. He regarded the Toa as weak for caring for beings other than themselves and did not hesitate to use this against them.[JTO, Ep. 2] Though allied with Makuta, Umarak claimed to act independently, hunting the Elemental Creatures and desiring the Mask of Control for his own ends.[JTO, Ep. 1]

Like the Toa, Umarak was capable of uniting with the Elemental Creatures, though they did so unwillingly, and he had to first subdue them. Connecting to the Creatures granted Umarak power over whichever element that creature controls, as well as their inherent knowledge. The Shadow Traps obeyed Umarak, and could sense his directions from across the island.[JTO, Ep. 1]

When Umarak became the Destroyer, he nearly doubled in size, gaining horns and huge, sharp claws as natural weapons, as well as the power to generate and project streams of green acid from his claws, which could eat through solid rock in an instant. In addition, Umarak also gained the ability to control shadows without the Hunter Mask.[JTO, Ep. 4]

Fil:BJTO-Umarak's Shadow powers.png

Umarak using the shadows to capture Uxar

Mask and Tools[]

As the Hunter, Umarak was armed with a number of different weapons, including a massive Bone Hunting Bow Shooter, as well as a blade, a spare ammunition cartridge, and shoulder pauldrons that could detach to become a Shadow Trap. Poison arrows were his preferred ammunition.[2] However, he could also use his arrows to summon Shadow Traps and Shadow Spawn. The bow was even capable of firing arrows consisting of any of the six elements.[JTO, Ep. 2] After his transformation into the Destroyer, his horns and powerful claws became his natural tools.

Umarak wore the Hunter Mask, which allowed him to control the powers of Shadow. These shadow powers included being able to travel through them from anywhere on Okoto, and to weaken and bind the Elemental Creatures. The Hunter Mask also allowed Umarak to unite with the Elemental Creatures. He later replaced it with the Mask of Control, which allowed him to transform his Shadow Traps into the Elemental Beasts and command them.

Set Information[]

Skabelon:SetBox 71310 Umarak the Hunter was released as part of the first half year of BIONICLE's 2016 wave. The set included the Mask of Control, which was used as the logo for the year.

71316 Umarak the Destroyer was released as part of the second half year of BIONICLE's 2016 wave. The set included a corrupted version of the Mask of Control.


"I hunt for Makuta, it is true. But I answer to no one."
— Umarak to Lewa, Quest for Unity

"You are Hunter no more. You are my minion. You are Destroyer."
— Makuta to Umarak, Trials of the Toa

"You cannot summon the elements! You have left your world of light. Here, there is only shadow... shadow I command!"
— Umarak to the Toa, The Dark Portal

"Umarak! You have not collected enough of the mask; you cannot open the door to the Shadow Realm."
"So you say... but you forget, I have been bathed in your elemental light, ancient one. It was you who filled me with the power I needed... and you did not know! "
— Ekimu and Umarak, The Dark Portal


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