"The Vortixx couldn't care less who wins or loses, or who reigns, as long as they get paid."
Toa Helryx, World


The Vortixx are a species of profit-oriented manufacturers native to Xia.


Created by the Great Spirit Mata Nui, the Vortixx are a productive race who transformed their island of Xia into an industrialized land with few natural resources. The Vortixx society was dominated by females: females worked as overseers or weapons designers and were allowed to leave the island, while males were assigned dirtier jobs.[1]

In the early stages of their society, the Vortixx charged extremely high prices for their goods to the rest of the universe. The Makuta were forced to step in and had them lower their costs. Makuta Mutran, one of the Makuta assigned to discipline the Vortixx, accidentally left a sentient rock on the island.Skabelon:OnlineCitation The rock eventually developed into a mountain. Several Vortixx were sent to investigate its nature and were eaten by the rock. A rite of passage eventually arose in which the Vortixx climbed the sentient landform.Skabelon:ComicCitation

The Xians manufactured weapons for the League of Six Kingdoms while it was in power. After the League's fall, the Vortixx continued selling to whomever would buy their wares.[2][3]

Fil:Roodaka WoS.PNG


The Kanohi Dragon, exiled from Metru Nui after being defeated by the Toa Mangai, was accepted by the inhabitants of Xia.[4] They kept it trapped in order to study it, hoping to develop new weaponry from it.[2]

Roodaka at one point climbed the Mountain. After abandoning her partner, she returned to the bottom, and was rewarded with a high position in society.Skabelon:ComicCitation She later left the island and entered the service of the Brotherhood of Makuta, eventually becoming viceroy of the Visorak horde. She retained her social stature on the island, and used it as a bargaining chip in order to gain favor with Sidorak. Roodaka once climbed the Mountain again, reasserting her power and dominance. After selling information to both the Brotherhood and the Dark Hunters, Roodaka was eventually condemned by both, and returned to Xia.Skabelon:OnlineCitation

After hearing rumors of the potential return of the League of Six Kingdoms, the Vortixx increased production of weapons.[5]

The Tahtorak was teleported from Voya Nui to Xia by the Order of Mata Nui member Botar.[6] Soon after the beast arrived, the Kanohi Dragon left its confinement to challenge it. During their fight, the Rahi endangered many Vortixx. As the creatures battled, the Toa Nuva arrived on the island to find the Staff of Artakha. However, Makuta Icarax had already arrived and taken the staff. Soon after arriving, the Nuva teamed with the Rahaga, who were drawn to Xia by the battle. The Toa soon located Roodaka and forced her to transform the Rahaga back into Toa Hagah. Despite their hatred of Roodaka, they agreed to take her into their custody and defend the Vortixx against the fighting Rahi. Roodaka was later taken by the Order of Mata Nui, and the Toa Hagah remained to protect the Vortixx.Skabelon:OnlineCitation

The Toa Hagah succeeded in subduing and containing both beasts, stopping their rampage. The Dark Hunters then arrived to ravage Xia and its occupants to stop them from producing weapons,Skabelon:OnlineCitation but were stopped by the Order of Mata Nui. The Order later transported the Toa Hagah to Metru Nui, and left the Hunters around Xia to ensure no more factions were supplied with Xian weaponry.Skabelon:OnlineCitation All the Vortixx within a kio radius of the Shadowed One's chamber on the island suddenly were pulverized into fragments.Skabelon:OnlineCitation

Many Vortixx left the Matoran Universe for Spherus Magna after the death of Teridax.Skabelon:CN

Alternate Universes[]

Toa Empire Alternate Universe[]

In the reality where Tuyet's Toa Empire ruled the universe, the Vortixx participated in the massive assault on Tuyet's stronghold, the Coliseum, along with several other factions.

The Kingdom Alternate Universe[]

In an alternate universe, the Vortixx migrated to the island of Mata Nui, along with many other beings, when the Great Spirit died. Roodaka became a member of Turaga Takanuva's ruling council.Skabelon:OnlineCitation

Spherus Magna Alternate Universe[]

In another alternate timeline, after Mata Nui completed his mission, the Vortixx species left the Matoran Universe. Several were enemies of the Agori and the Matoran, and joined an army led by Makuta Miserix to attack Tesara.Skabelon:OnlineCitation

Abilities and Traits[]

Vortixx are powerful, tall, lean and black armored beings[1] with sharp claws.Skabelon:CN They are able to use Kanohi masks.[7] They can be cruel, manipulative and intelligent.

The Vortixx are usually uninterested in ruling factions, or influencing the outcomes of events. They are only interested in their payment, and receiving the greatest profit as a result of their actions.[1]

Fil:Vortixx on Mountain.PNG

A male Vortixx climbing the Mountain

Known Vortixx[]

  • Roodaka
  • An unknown number of Vortixx who have died while attempting to explore the Mountain (deceased)
    • A male Vortixx who died climbing the Mountain with Roodaka (deceased)Skabelon:ComicCitation
  • A Vortixx that told Toa Iruini to move the Kanohi Dragon's leg away from the Mountain so that the latter did not eat itSkabelon:OnlineCitation
  • A male Vortixx that was trying to clear away some rubble to find a set of hidden viruses;Skabelon:OnlineCitation suffocated by the Shadowed One (deceased)Skabelon:OnlineCitation
  • Exiled Vortixx that now serve in the Barraki's armySkabelon:OnlineCitation
  • A Vortixx that was captured by Skakdi, taken to Zakaz, and thrown into Energized Protodermis with a Zyglak, a Stelt laborer, and the remaining Piraka, resulting in the creation of the Golden-Skinned Being (fused)Skabelon:OnlineCitation
  • Several Vortixx that were pulverized while being within a kio radius of the Shadowed One's chamber on Xia (deceased)Skabelon:OnlineCitation

Social Structure and Interactions[]

The Vortixx species is mainly ruled by females, while the males are assigned to work the more dangerous jobs, and forbidden to leave the island. While all species members start out working menial and hazardous tasks, they are all given the chance to complete a ritual adventure climbing the Mountain. If both return, they are granted better working and living conditions. However, if a Vortixx returns alone, they are given a higher status in society, having displayed the ruthlessness necessary to benefit their society.[1]

Profit is the main aim of the Vortixx, and all of their dealings with other races are made in the name of gain. They tolerate the presence of Matoran on their island as the Matoran are excellent manufacturers, which in turn leads to good products.Skabelon:CN


  • Although Roodaka's Vortixx climbing partner, shown in Shadow Play, appears green in color, all Vortixx actually wear black armor.[1] The green color was used so that younger readers could tell Roodaka apart from her partner.[8]
  • Vortixx are larger than Rahkshi but smaller than Exo-Toa.[9]


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