Skabelon:EraG1 Dette tilfælde af Skabelon:IKSK er ikke konfigureret korrekt. Kig venligst på dokumentationen for instrukser. Skabelon:NonCanon Skabelon:Online/VideoGame Voya Nui Adventure is an online game that was released as part of the promotion in 2006. It featured the Toa Inika "training" so that they could rescue the All American Rejects. Through the course of the game one can find tablets which contain music downloads by various artists.

Toa Inika[]

Matoro Jaller Hahli
Armor: 5
Speed: 8
Firepower: 4
Armor: 3
Speed: 6
Firepower: 6
Armor: 2
Speed: 10
Firepower: 10
Ammunition: 4
Nuparu Hewkii Kongu
Armor: 8
Speed: 3
Firepower: 8
Armor: 10
Speed: 3
Firepower: 2
Armor: 9
Speed: 8
Firepower: 10
Ammunition: 4


Image Description
Fil:VNA Green Turret.PNG These stationary, green turrets fire green balls of energy at the player's Toa.
Fil:VNA Red Turret.PNG These stationary, red turrets fire red balls of energy at the player's Toa. However, unlike green turrets, these cannot be destroyed.
Fil:VNA Thok2.png Thok fires white balls of energy at the player's Toa, and can strike close-by targets with his Ice Guns.
Fil:VNA Zaktan2.png Zaktan fires yellow balls of energy at the player's Toa, which explode on contact, emitting a wave of energy around where the shot hit, and can strike close-by targets with his Three-Bladed Scissor.
Fil:VNA Vezok2.png Vezok fires blue, triangular energy blasts at the player's Toa, and can strike close-by targets with his Water Harpoon.
Fil:VNA Haakann2.png Hakann fires red balls of energy at the player's Toa, which explode on contact, emitting a wave of energy around where the shot hit, and can strike close-by targets with his Lava Launchers.
Fil:VNA Avak2.png Avak fires yellow energy balls at the player's Toa, which explode on contact, emitting a wave of energy around where the shot hit, and can strike close-by targets with his Seismic Pickaxe.
Fil:VNA Reidak2.png Reidak, unlike the other five, will not fire at the player's Toa, his only offense being his Buzz Saw, which he can strike close-by targets with.


Fil:VNA Tablet.PNG Unlocks a random music download.
Fil:VNA Health.PNG Fully refills the active Toa's health meter.
Fil:VNA Key.PNG Unlocks a door within the level that they are found.
Fil:VNA Ammo.PNG Refills Hahli's ammunition gauge by one shot. These can only be picked up by Hahli.
Fil:VNA Ammo 2.PNG Refills Kongu's ammunition gauge by one shot. These can only be picked up by Kongu.


Area One[]

A green, rocky area guarded by Thok and green crystals. Cover can be found in the form of large, gray rocks and small, palm-like trees. Toa Inika Jaller is stranded here.

  • First Room: After beginning the game, the player finds themselves in this room, at the lower left of the screen, controlling Toa Inika Matoro. The room has a single, green turret located at the upper, central area, and a download tablet directly behind it. Despite the passage-looking area behind where Matoro began, the only exit is at the upper right, forcing the player to navigate past the rocks and turret to advance.
  • Second Room: Matoro enters on the west wall and will be attacked by a Thok who inhabits this room when he begins moving. A life recovery is at the lower left area and there is a door at the top which can be opened with the key attained from the defeated Thok.
  • Third Room: Upon entering, a green turret on the right wall immediately begins shooting at the exposed Matoro. Jaller is found behind a rock in this room and a music tablet is at the upper right corner.

Area Two[]

Ice and snow cover the terrain in the second stage. Among the shrubbery and rocks, there are large ice columns here which can be shattered with ranged attacks. Toa Inika Hahli and Nuparu are stranded here.

  • First Room: Immediately after beginning the stage, Zaktan starts firing at the player. There is a large amount of cover here and a music tablet towards the eastern side of the room. South and east-side passages are located here, however, if the player should leave the room before defeating the Piraka, he will pursue the Toa.
  • Second Room: South from the previous room, a green turret will open fire on the player from the southwest corner. A health recovery is to the left of it and across from it, in the southeast corner, Hahli is located. Centered on the south wall is a music tablet.
  • Third Room: East from the first room, Vezok patrols. To the right, sheltered behind a line of columns, are three green turrets. There are two paths out, one to the north, which leads to the next area, sealed by a door, and another to the east. In the northeast corner, there is a life recovery.
  • Fourth Room: Venturing east from the last room, a red turret is found centered in the room, surrounded by columns. The key to the door in the previous room is found on the eastern wall with Nuparu north of it.

Area Three[]

The final area takes place in a volcano. There are pools of lava scattered throughout the stage and indestructible stalagmites cover the ground. Toa Inika Kongu and Hewkii are stranded here.

  • First Room: Here, Hakann and Thok are posted and start attacking the player. There are two closed doors on the northern wall and one on the eastern wall. The northern door on the left is opened by getting a key from defeating Hakann. Also, there is a health recovery in the room's center.
  • Second Room: An indestructible red turret awaits the player here, along with Toa Hewkii, who is trapped in the northwest corner.
  • Third Room: When the player enters here, they are immediately faced by Avak, who drops a key that opens the other door in the first room. There are also two green turrets on the northern and southern ends of the room. In the southwest corner is a song tablet and just to the right of that is a life recovery and second in the northeast corner. On the north wall is another closed door.
  • Fourth Room: Reidak is waiting in this room, along with two green turrets. He must be defeated to obtain the key to the door in the third room. The floor here is unstable and will collapse if walked upon too much. In the northeast corner is a health recovery. Inika Kongu is also here in the eastern part of the room.
  • Fifth Room: Upon entry, a screen appears which shows all of the Inika posing with the options to play again and to receive the downloads collected throughout the course of the game.


  • Left/Right or A/D - Move left and right respectively
  • Up/Down or W/S - Move up and down respectively
  • Space Bar - Bring up the pause menu
  • Mouse - Aim
  • Left Mouse Click - Shoot


  • Downloadable songs included were: Can't Stop - Love Arcade, Out Here All Night - Damone, Skip To The End - The Futureheads, Don't Try This At Home - Punchline, Emergency - Paramore, Learn To Fly - Carbon Leaf, All Of The Above - Big City Rock, What's On Your Radio - The Living End, Can't Look Down - Zox, So Far We Are - The French Kicks, Gunslinger - Over It, Nothing Left To Hide - The Realistics, Just Another Girl - The Satellites.

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