Biographical Information
Species Unknown
Group Order of Mata Nui, Dark Hunters
Mask None
Colors Dark Blue, Gold
Element/Powers None
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Occupation Order of Mata Nui Agent, Dark Hunter
Tools Kanoka, Rhotuka
Status Deceased
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What have you found? And why would a Vortixx be foolish enough to challenge you for it?
— "Ancient" to The Shadowed One, Destiny War

"Ancient" was a veteran Dark Hunter and undercover Order of Mata Nui member.


"Ancient" was one of the oldest Dark Hunters, and "The Shadowed One's" most trusted agent after Sentrakh. It was "Ancient" who inspired the Dark Hunters, being the first to reject the codes of behavior on his and "The Shadowed One's" home island and to sell his services to anyone in his species who wanted them. This transformed the peaceful society into a war-torn one, as warlords wanted "Ancient" to crush their enemies.

"Ancient" and Voporak were sent to find the Vahi Mask of Time about the same time the Piraka were on Voya Nui. They realized that the Vahi was in Metru Nui and that Dweller was already on a mission there. "Ancient" left for Odina to oversee the reconstruction of the base and to wait for Lariska's return from her mission. He received a coded message telling "Ancient" to do his duty as an Order of Mata Nui member: to convince "The Shadowed One" to side with the Order or kill him. He managed to do his job without revealing his affiliation with the Order. "Ancient" was recently with "The Shadowed One" to eliminate the Vortixx on Xia in order to stop them from making weapons for the Brotherhood of Makuta. His mission ended when "The Shadowed One" disintegrated him to keep Makuta Kojol's virus a secret.

Due to being disintegrated, "Ancient" couldn't be revived on the Red Star.

Powers and Equipment[]

"Ancient" had great strength and near-impenetrable armor, and his feet were equipped with levitation Kanoka disks, meaning he could hover at will. He also had a Rhotuka Launcher with rapid-fire capabilities, and his spinners made targets lose all physical coordination.


  • "Ancient" was designed by Connor Harvey.
  • "Ancient" was the only being named in the storyline to know "The Shadowed One"'s true name.
  • "Ancient" was responsible for recruiting Vezok for the Dark Hunters.
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