Biographical Information
Species Unknown
Group Dark Hunters
Mask None
Colors Black, Silver
Element/Powers None
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Occupation Dark Hunter
Location Spherus Magna
Status Alive
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To hear this Dark Hunter tell it, he is one of the most powerful beings in existence after Mata Nui. The strength of five Toa courses through his veins, he can breathe fire, create earthquakes, turn his body into living lava, and even summon the dead - or so he says.
— Narration, Lego Brickmaster Magazine, May–June 2007

"Devastator" was an extremely large Dark Hunter.


"Devastator" was rumored to have originated in Karzahni, where he emerged from a fiery crevice. He was later recruited into the Dark Hunters.

4,000 years before the Great Cataclysm, "Devastator" was dispatched with Triglax and Gladiator to retrieve the Nui Stone. At this time, the Nui Stone was located on an island home to Toa Tuyet, who had taken the stone with her when she was recruited into the Toa Mangai to fight the Kanohi Dragon.

500 years later, the Dark Hunter team arrived in Metru Nui. By this time, Tuyet had framed them for the murders of two Matoran in what she claimed a countdown. This forced the remaining two Toa Mangai in the city at the time, Lhikan and Nidhiki, to confront the Dark Hunter trio. Nidhiki fought "Devastator" and defeated him, and Lhikan then imprisoned them. When Tuyet's deception was exposed, "Devastator" and his team were released to Odina.

Recently, The Shadowed One dispatched "Devastator" to an island off Odina to collect a late payment. The status of the mission, or the island itself, is unknown.

After Teridax's death, "Devastator" exited the Matoran Universe and is now living on Spherus Magna.

Personality and Traits[]

"Devastator" was boisterous and claimed to have the strength of five Toa, breath fire, cause earthquakes, turn into lava, and even resurrect the dead to back his reputation.

Powers and Equipment[]

"Devastator" had the ability to turn into sand, allowing him to disappear into the ground and strike with rock-hard attacks. In addition, he possessed telekinetic powers to mentally throw objects at his opponents.



  • "Devastator" was created and designed by Nate McCarthy.
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