If a Dark Hunter fails in his mission, Eliminator is dispatched. His first task is to annihilate the incompetent who could not complete the task. His second is to carry the mission to conclusion himself. At both of these, he excels.

"The Shadowed One", BIONICLE: Dark Hunters, on "Eliminator"'s role in the Dark Hunters.

Biographical Information
Species Unknown
Group Dark Hunters
Mask None
Colors Purple, Black
Element/Powers None
Homeland {{{Homeland}}}
Occupation Dark Hunter
Tools Kanoka, Talons
Location Spherus Magna
Status Alive
Pronunciation None

"Eliminator" was a Dark Hunter.


1,001 years ago, Makuta Teridax hired "Eliminator", Nidhiki, and Krekka to serve him in Metru Nui. Under the disguise of Turaga Dume, Teridax sent members of the Toa Mangai out on missions outside of the island metropolis where "Eliminator" could kill them. One of these false missions included two Toa Mangai and current Chronicler, Kodan, to close the Coastal Gates. "Eliminator" killed these three and left one of the Toa's Kanohi Kakama behind. In the end, "Eliminator" killed Naho, four Toa of Ice, three unknown Toa, and Kodan.

"Eliminator" was later re-purposed as a back-up in the event of another Dark Hunter failing his mission. His purpose was to hunt and kill the Dark Hunter, then take over the mission and carry it out to its conclusion. As such, he is despised by other Dark Hunters. This hatred went to the extent that "The Shadowed One" had "Eliminator" never return to Odina, fearing a Dark Hunter alliance may arise to eliminate him.

Recently, "Eliminator" journeyed to another island to await a Dark Hunter fail his mission.

After Teridax's death, he left the Matoran Universe and is now living on Spherus Magna.

Powers & Tools

"Eliminator" had four Kanoka mounted on his back, and he could harness and combine the powers of them and fire them from his hands. He could also hurl these Kanoka from back-mounted launchers. He was agile and stealthy, as shadows seemed to cling to him and made him invisible in low-light conditions.


  • "Eliminator" was designed by Rob Drabkowski.
  • "Eliminator" looked as if he was wearing a Krana on his face, although this has no storyline relevance.
  • Eliminator my be one of thepurple and black entities though this is unlikely as they are described as small.


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