Biographical Information
Species Unknown
Group Dark Hunters, Makuta verse rebellion force
Mask None
Colors Red, Dark Blue, Silver
Element/Powers None
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Occupation Dark Hunter
Tools Rhotuka, Claws, Staff
Status Revived
Pronunciation Gar-dee-ahn
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And then what?[...]Throw rocks at the sky? Challenge the wind with Cordak blasters? All we’re doing is delaying the inevitable – and we all know it.
— "Guardian" to Tahu, Reign of Shadows.

"Guardian" was a Dark Hunter whose job was to track down captured Hunters and ensure they didn't betray the organization by revealing secrets. After working for the group for some time, Guardian became part of a rag-tag group consisting of Tahu and others, when Teridax took control of the Matoran Universe. Frustrated by the team's poor odds, Guardian sought to escape the universe, but met a grim fate when Teridax opened the ground and consumed him. 


"Guardian" came from a war-torn island, and when a friend betrayed his tribe to their enemies, he was caught in a crossfire of Rhotuka Spinners and left for dead. The Dark Hunters saw him as useful and nursed him back to health.

He served the Dark Hunters for years, presumably, tracking down and assassinating captured Dark Hunters. Eventually in 1001 AGC, Teridax took over the universe and "Guardian" found himself in the rebellion force.

Reign of Shadows[]

He was in Karzahni at the time of his death, in a team consisting of himself, Tahu, Kopeke, Johmak, Krahka, and Lariska. "Guardian" began to have his doubts about Tahu's plan to "smash everything and hope to be somewhere else when it all goes boom" and decided to go out on his own and see if he could find a way out of the universe. However, as he did so, Teridax decided to personally kill "Guardian" since he was in control of the Matoran Universe at the time. The Makuta had the earth open and swallow "Guardian" whole, crushing and killing him.

Guardian was then transported and revived on the Red Star alongside other deceased beings. However, the return function malfunctioned and Guardian is now trapped in the Red Star.

Alternate Universes[]

Dark Mirror[]

In the Toa Empire Alternate Universe, "Guardian" is one of three Dark Hunters that are part of a resistance group attempting to eliminate Toa Tuyet. During the battle, "Guardian" teamed up with Nuju to fight a Toa of Magnetism. He later died during the battle, but managed to take six other Toa with him.

Powers and Tools[]

"Guardian" had sharp claws and a staff that could launch earth and or stone related Rhotuka.


  • "Guardian" was created by Jordan Steelquist.


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