"Hordika Dragons"
Hordika Dragon
Biographical Information
Species Unkown, mutated
Group Dark Hunters
Mask None
Colors Dark Green, Silver, Tan, Grey
Element/Powers None
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Occupation Dark Hunter
Tools Electrified Claws, Rhotuka, tail
Location Spherus Magna
Status Alive
Pronunciation None
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Hordika Dragons were the result of an experiment with Hordika Venom.


When some Visorak appeared on Odina, The Shadowed One had them captured and began experimenting with their Hordika venom. He exposed eight Dark Hunters to the venom, and they mutated into reptilian Hordika Dragons. The Hordika Dragons were violent and savage, but lacked discipline.

At one point, their bestial Rahi sides would take over and they would be little more than particularly savage creatures, but until that day, "The Shadowed One" habitually sent them to collect money owed to the Hunters from those who refused to pay.

After Teridax's death the Hordika Dragons left for Spherus Magna along with everyone else.

Powers and Abilities[]

Each Hordika Dragon had enhanced animal strength, agility, and tracking ability, and could electrify their claws to shock anyone they touched, they also appeared to have Rhotuka spinners but their power is unknown.

Dark Hunters
Leader: "The Shadowed One"
Members: "Airwatcher"Amphibax"Charger""Conjurer""Darkness""Devastator""Dweller""Eliminator"Firedracax"Gatherer""Gladiator""Hordika Dragons""Kraata-Kal"Lariska"Lurker""Mimic""Minion"Phantom"Poison""Primal""Prototype""Ravager""Savage""Seeker"Sentrakh"Shadow Stealer""Silence""Spinner""Subterranean""Tracker"Triglax"Vanisher""Vengeance""The Recorder"
Former Members: Krekka (Deceased) • Nidhiki (Deceased) • Vezok (Deserted) • Hakann (Deserted) • Avak (Deserted) • Zaktan (Deserted) • Thok (Deserted) • Reidak (Deserted) • "Tyrant" (Lost in action) • "Ancient" (Deceased) • "Guardian" (Revived)
Servants: Rahi NuiRoodakaSidorakVoporak