Kraata-Kal Information
Species Kraata/Krana-Kal (Mutated)
Group Dark Hunters
Mask None
Colors Black, Red
Element/Powers Water, Fire, Shadow
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Occupation Dark Hunter
Tools Sword, Kanoka
Location Spherus Magna
Status Alive
Pronunciation Krah-tah Kal
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Kraata-Kal was a mutated Kraata who later became a Dark Hunter.


Normal Kraata were created from a Makuta's essence and could control Rahkshi armor. But Kraata-Kal was exposed to the energies that turned the six Bohrok into Bohrok-Kal and came out with the ability to control Fire, Water, and Shadow. Kraata-Kal's armor was far more powerful than standard Rahkshi armor. When a commotion occurred, he escaped and was recruited by the Dark Hunters.

He was sent as part of a team meant to capture the Piraka, although he failed to do so.

He later evacuated the Matoran Universe and is now living on Spherus Magna.

Abilities and Traits

Besides his elemental powers, Kraata-Kal had a double-bladed flame sword and a Kanoka Disk Launcher.

Kraata-Kal was too ambitious for his own good, and The Shadowed One had had to "discipline" him for putting his own profit ahead of the mission.


  • Kraata-Kal was created by Morgan Alfrejd.


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