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Species Information
HabitatMatoran Universe
Tools and AbilitiesSeeing into the past/future

Kratana were creatures that could see into the past and future.


The Kratana were created by the Order of Mata Nui.

One attached itself to Onewa near one of Teridax's lairs, giving him a vision of the upcoming Visorak invasion. The Kratana was incinerated by Vakama.

While Vakama was on Metru Nui to reclaim the Vahi, a Kratana attacked him in the Archives. The creature gave him a vision of Krakua, who was communicating with him from the future. He was told that, if he failed his mission, Krakua wouldn't exist, that he must be willing to destroy the future to stop evil's spread, and that he would have to be willing to one day send six heroes to face a dangerous quest.

A third Kratana was attached to Takanuva by Helryx and Krakua so he could see the Toa Nuva's past.

Abilities and Traits[]

Kratana looked a Krana and a Kraata combined. They had long bodies like Kraata and ridge marks on its body like Krana. Kratana would attach themselves to the face or Kanohi of beings, then activate their ability of seeing the past or future. They also moved at fast speeds.

Order of Mata Nui
Leader: Helryx
Members: AxonnBrutakaJerbrazJohmakTobdukTrinumaHydraxonBotar"Ancient"Krakua
Servants: Energy Hounds (Spinax) • "Kratana"Mana-KoMaxilos RobotsMazekaUmbra