Biographical Information
Species '
Group Dark Hunters
Mask '
Colors Black, Silver, Various
Element/Powers '
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Occupation Dark Hunter
Tools Poison, Stun Tail
Location Spherus Magna
Status Alive
Pronunciation '

"Poison" was a Dark Hunter.


The majority of "Poison"'s species were wiped out by Matoran and he grew to hate them over the years.

When the Dark Hunters first encountered him, "Poison" was found attacking a Matoran settlement and was fought off by the local Toa. It was only later when the Hunters brought "Poison" to their base where they discovered that he had not been using his venom. Nidhiki then taught him how to use his powers and discovered that "Poison" does not have any weaknesses other than his own venom.

After Teridax's death he immigrated to the newly formed Spherus Magna.

Abilities and Traits

As his name suggests, he had a storage of paralyzing venom which was fatal if a victim was not treated within half an hour. Apart from his venom, "Poison" also had a tail that delivered a powerful stun.



  • "Poison" was created by Issac Evavold.
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