Unstable, yes; violent, unquestionably; insane, without a doubt. But those are just the sort of qualities I look for in a Dark Hunter.
— The Shadowed One comments on Prototype, BIONICLE: Dark Hunters
Biographical Information
Species Matoran (Toa)
Group Toa (Formerly)
Dark Hunters
Mask Unknown
Colors Black, red, and gunmetal
Element/Powers Fire and Earth
Homeland {{{Homeland}}}
Occupation Dark Hunter
Tools Claws
Location Spherus Magna
Status Alive
Pronunciation Pro-toe-type
Video {{{Video}}}

"Prototype" was a mutated fusion of a Toa of Fire and Earth who later became a Dark Hunter.


"Prototype" was formerly made of two beings, a Toa of Earth, and a Toa of Fire. It was created when a Dark Hunter once had the Spear of Fusion, and fired it at two Toa as they were merging together into a Toa Kaita-like form. The result fused them permanently and drove them mad, and the new being went on a rampage and disappeared. Centuries later, he was found injured in a swamp; he was nursed back to health by the Dark Hunters and recruited, given the codename "Prototype".

"Prototype" served as a guard for The Shadowed One's fortress. However, Vezok easily tricked the slow-witted Hunter into deserting his post by telling him that Zaktan was a traitor, and that "Prototype" needed to go to the other end of the island to warn "The Shadowed One" (who was, in fact, inside the fortress "Prototype" was supposed to be guarding). It is not known whether "Prototype" was allowed to keep his position after this mistake.

After Teridax's death, "Prototype" evacuated the Matoran Universe onto Spherus Magna.

Personality and Traits[]

After the fusion, any organic part of "Prototype" had decomposed to the point that he was mostly machine. He was incredibly powerful, but also quite stupid. His life force was tied to his armor, but after so long it was almost impenetrable. "Prototype" was sometimes used as a practice target for rookie Hunters; if they survived a fight with him, then they could handle their missions. "Prototype" almost killed Zaktan in the Piraka Rebellion, but Vezok tricked him into abandoning his post.

Powers and Equipment[]

After being fused and mutated, "Prototype" retained his control of the elements of Earth and Fire. He was equipped with a pair of tri-talon claws on both hands.


Stupid. Bright lights don't bother me. Nothing bothers me.
— Prototype, BIONICLE Legends 4: Legacy of Evil



  • "Prototype" was created by Alex Munroe.
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