Biographical Information
Species Unknown
Group Dark Hunters
Mask None
Colors Silver, Brown, Gray
Element/Powers None
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Occupation Dark Hunter
Tools Staff
Location Spherus Magna
Status Alive
Pronunciation None
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"Seeker" was a Dark Hunter obsessed with trying to find the Avohkii ever since his assignment to guard it.


"Seeker" was assigned by the Brotherhood of Makuta to guard the Kanohi Avohkii after Makuta Kojol returned from the successful Raid on Artakha with the mask. Over time, he gained a desire to own the mask himself, but was beaten to stealing it by the Toa Hagah. Cast out of the Brotherhood for his failure to guard it, he began a mission to seek out the Rahaga to reclaim the Mask of Light. However, he was unsuccessful in this endeavor, as the Rahaga managed to hide the mask in Metru Nui and assured that the Toa Hordika retrieved the mask during the Great Rescue.

Ignorant of the fact that Takanuva wears the Avohkii and the Rahaga were restored to Toa Hagah, "Seeker" continued to hope that he will be able to find the Rahaga and the Mask of Light during his missions for the Dark Hunters. However, The Shadowed One believed that, should "Seeker" ever get hold of the Avohkii, he would try to leave the Dark Hunters, which would require him to be killed. Therefore, "The Shadowed One" made sure that information about the movements of the Rahaga were kept secret from Seeker and that he is never assigned tasks on Metru Nui. He evacuated Odina with the other Dark Hunters and stayed in Xia.

After Teridax's death he evacuated the Matoran Universe to Spherus Magna.

Abilities and Traits[]

"Seeker" is always eager to perform missions that take him to places he has never been before, in the interests of finding the Rahaga and the Mask of Light.

"Seeker's" primary weapon is his staff, which can weaken an opponent and deliver seismic shocks, and then sending an earth tremor, knocking the already-dazed foe out.


  • "Seeker" was created by Daniel Walsh, for the LEGO Magazine Dark Hunter Building Contest, and was given a storyline role and placed in the book BIONICLE: Dark Hunters, by Greg Farshtey.


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