Biographical Information
Species Unknown
Group Dark Hunters
Mask None
Colors Black, Silver
Element/Powers None
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Occupation Dark Hunter
Tools Blades, Kanoka
Location Spherus Magna
Status Alive
Pronunciation Sy-lense
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"Silence" was a Dark Hunter.


"Silence" was a gift from Roodaka prior to the war with the Brotherhood of Makuta. What he was before and where she found him, no one knows, but it is certain that her Rhotuka is responsible for his appearance.

"Silence" was a highly skilled and talented operative who specialized in the quick, clean (and, above all, quiet) abduction of Toa, Turaga, Matoran, Brotherhood of Makuta members, or anyone else who could possibly pose a threat to the Dark Hunters. He moved like a shadow, slipping into even the most heavily guarded fortresses and vigilantly protected islands and emerging with his victims just as easily. Even when he was on Odina, no one knew just where he was for sure.

He and the other Dark Hunters fled to Xia after Odina was overrun by Rahkshi.

Following Teridax's death, he evacuated the Matoran Universe and is now living on Spherus Magna.

Abilities and Traits[]

"Silence" had the natural ability to create a field around himself that completely deadened all sound, allowing him to move silently. The field extended just less than a Bio around his body, an exact field radius of three feet, allowing him to grab and subdue targets without their screams being heard. He had a double-edged blade mounted on his forearms and carried a Kanoka Launcher equipped with freeze disks. His armor was also surprisingly heavy for one who favors stealth.


  • "Silence" was created by David Daut thanks to a contest on BZPower.
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