"The Legend Continues" Matoran
Biographical Information
Species Matoran
Group Onu-Matoran & Po-Matoran?
Mask Komau & Rau
Colors Black & Tan
Element/Powers Earth & Stone?
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Occupation Unknown
Tools Unknown (if any)
Location Spherus Magna
Status Alive
Pronunciation N/A
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An unnamed pair of Matoran appeared in The Legend Continues, but if they are Matoran that have already been named, these two are likely to be Gadjati and Dosne.


The two Matoran friends are in Ta-Koro, shortly after Takua and Jaller leave to find the Seventh Toa. They mused over Vakama's threat that the Makuta of Metru Nui had returned, and how they wished there was somewhere they could be safe. Suddenly, one of them remembered a legend about Arthaka, the Great Refuge, and despite their friend's scepticism, wanted to go and find it so that they could be heroes. The other relucantly agreed, but wanted to consult Vakama first.

  • If they chose to consult Vakama, he told them that the legends of Arthaka may be simply stories, but also said that if that if they were determined, they should investigate the lava falls where Takua found the Avohkii.
  • If they left immediately, they eventually wind up at the lava falls.

They found nothing in the caves, but while they were bickering, a wave of molten lava rushed towards them.

  • If they ran towards the lava falls, they wound up near Kini-Nui.
  • If they ducked into a nearby cave, they heard the voice of the Makuta speaking to them, threatening that they wouldn't ever find the Great Refuge. Frightened, the two Matoran fled.

The Matoran then heard scraping noises, coming from underground.

  • If they went to talk with Gali Nuva, she told them that she had heard of the Refuge, and that some believed the Seventh Toa waited there. Although she didn't know where the Refuge was, she told the Matoran that Kopaka may have heard the legend from Nuju, suggesting that they go to find the Toa of Ice. Just then, Panrahk dropped down behind them; while Gali sped off to warn Ta-Koro, the two Matoran hurried away to Ko-Wahi.
  • If they went to investigate the noises themselves, Panrahk dropped down behind them; with no idea what the creature was, the Matoran fled to Ko-Koro.


  • The elemental types of the two Matoran are unclear. The one with the Rau would appear to be a Po-Matoran, and the one with the Komau a Onu-Matoran. However, no indication is given of what village they come from. They are in Ta-Koro at the start of The Legend Continues, but at this time in the story, many Matoran from other villages were staying in the city, because of the Kolhii tournament.