"The Melding" Parallel Universe
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Location Information
Primary ResidentsInhabitants of the Matoran Universe and Spherus Magna
Former Residents
LocationA parallel universe
MakutaMembers of the Brotherhood of Makuta

"The Melding" Parallel Universe was a parallel universe where The Shattering on Spherus Magna was prevented by an event called The Melding, and Mata Nui was never created.


Beyond 100,000 years ago, Energized Protodermis began forcing itself up to the surface of Spherus Magna. As the inhabitants of Spherus Magna discovered its powers and began to war over possessing it, they were unaware the sentient substance was spreading across the planet, threatening to break up the planet. The Great Beings, however, did notice, and thought of several ideas, including the creation of Mata Nui, yet instead settled upon creating the Toa and Matoran to solve the problem.

The Toa were then sent underground with special containers to collect the Energized Protodermis. They were created smaller and more agile than the main universe to deal with larger problems (including cave-ins underground, common at that time), whereas Matoran were created as larger to accomplish the daily requirements of the villages they inhabited. After five years, the Toa's task was complete, and the planet was melded back together in an event dubbed The Melding.

In the present, Mazeka and Vultraz from the main universe were transported to the alternate Spherus Magna from a mysterious portal. After the loss of their vehicles, they came upon Ga-Koro's forest and a Ga-Matoran and a Toa of Water. The Toa revealed herself as Macku, and based on their Toa-like appearance in that universe, said she was pleased to see a hero of The Melding. Mazeka and Vultraz followed Macku, and the Ga-Matoran, who revealed herself as Helryx. Macku told the duo of the alternate universe's history, and led them to her village.

Mazeka soon alluded they needed to return to "their home", to which Macku told they should consult with the Great Beings with, and she could provide a guide if required. However, Vultraz, in this weaker universe compared to his, had other ideas and believed he could take control of the planet.

Society & Inhabitants[]

In this universe, Spherus Magna was home to the Great Beings, Toa, and Matoran, although the status of its original inhabitants are unknown.

Named inhabitants:





Because The Shattering was prevented, Spherus Magna continued to appear as it did before the event. There was known to be organisms that appeared like water that could fire razor crystals and transform objects and beings into energy, and trees banded with golden metal. Spherus Magna was home to the villages of the Matoran (including Ga-Koro, located near a forest), a southern mountain range, the Great Sea, and the Northern Frost.

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