250px-Dark Hunter Vanisher.png
Biographical Information
Species Dark Hunter
Group unknown
Mask Dark Hunters
Colors none
Element/Powers purple, white
Homeland unknown
Occupation none
Tools Dark Hunter
Location staff
Status {{{10}}}
Pronunciation {{{11}}}
Video {{{Video}}}

The Dark Hunter named codenamed Vanisher was a willful Dark Hunter; he was independent, powerful, often disobeyed orders, and exacted harsh punishment on those who tried to enforce rules upon him. In attempted to keep him under control, "The Shadowed One" had assigned more loyal members to accompany him and kept him under control (like he did with the late Nidhiki and Krekka). They inevitably ended up dying "mysteriously" on missions. Ordinarily, he would have been executed for his behavior - but he was extremely efficient and got results, so "The Shadowed One" let him live, even though there was evidence that he worked for the Brotherhood of Makuta.

Vanisher had the power to open interdimensional gates through which he could walk, traveling great distances in the blink of an eye, and appearing to vanish to the observer. He also had the power to open "pocket dimensions" in order to trap attacks. He could keep these for as long as he wished, and then release the energy contained. Many times he had defeated enemies with nothing but their own power.

Dark Hunters
Leader: "The Shadowed One"
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Former Members: Krekka (Deceased) • Nidhiki (Deceased) • Vezok (Deserted) • Hakann (Deserted) • Avak (Deserted) • Zaktan (Deserted) • Thok (Deserted) • Reidak (Deserted) • "Tyrant" (Lost in action) • "Ancient" (Deceased) • "Guardian" (Revived)
Servants: Rahi NuiRoodakaSidorakVoporak
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