Lewa, Tanma, Chirox, Kirop, and Antroz.


The Mistika

2008 was the eighth year of BIONICLE. It was set in Karda Nui and followed the struggles of the Toa Nuva and Av-Matoran against the invading Makuta and Shadow Matoran.

The BIONICLE Ignition series of comics and the BIONICLE Legends series of books concluded this year, with five comics (one of which was never finished, but released in script form online) and three books. The year also featured seven online story serials. In total, twenty-eight sets were released in 2008.


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Media Released[]



Story Serials[]

Sets Released[]

  • Matoran
  • Toa/Makuta Phantoka
  • Toa/Makuta Mistika
  • Vehicles/Titans & Warriors
    • 8697 Toa Ignika
      • Contained a Toa Canister Style Set.
      • Pohatu Nuva, Vamprah and Toa Ignika could be combined to make a Niazesk.
    • 8699 Takanuva
    • 8952 Mutran and Vican
      • Contained a Canister Style Makuta and a Box Set style Matoran.
    • 8953 Icarax
    • 8698 Vultraz & Skyfighter
      • Contained a Box Set Matoran Style set.
    • 8954 Mazeka & Swamp Strider
      • Contained a Box Set Matoran Style set.
    • 8941 Rockoh T3
      • Contained a Canister style Toa set.
    • 8942 Jetrax T6
      • Contained a Canister style Makuta set.
      • Available in Yellow (Limited Edition)
    • 8943 Axalara T9
      • Contained a Canister style Toa set.
  • Special Edition


  • Ahkmou was originally intended to have a larger role in this storyline and was going to become a Toa of Shadow. There was also going to be a product of him as a Toa of Shadow too. But plans for this were never developed into a set release or storyline and the idea was scrapped as a result.