2011 was technically the eleventh year of BIONICLE, though the line officially concluded in 2010. The only story released was entirely told through three online serials, only one of which was ever completed. The serials focused on the events occurring on the newly-reformed Spherus Magna in the aftermath of the Battle of Bara Magna, except for Sahmad's Tale, which took place mostly alongside 2010, with only its last two chapters set after the Battle of Bara Magna. No sets were released.


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Media Released[]


  • Had BIONICLE not been canceled, 2011 was set to feature Mata Nui's adventures on Bota Magna, including encounters with biomechanical dinosaurs. This would likely have led into a conclusion in 2012 similar to what ultimately became the 2010 story. None of this material was ever written as the line's cancellation was decided upon by LEGO in 2008.