Kalmah does not notice the bolt of life energy that strikes a lone venom eel, causing it to grow to massive size. But it notices the result.
— Narration, Comic 8: Sea of Darkness
300-foot Venom Eel
300 Foot Venom Eel
Species Information
Species StatusAlive

The 300-foot Venom Eel was created by the Kanohi Ignika when Dekar tried to destroy it. It was originally a normal Venom Eel attacking Mahri Nui when it was suddenly transformed to over 300 feet long. However, if it ever left the proximity of the Ignika, it would be transformed back to its original state.

It first swam toward Mahri Nui until Defilak, Gar and Idris destroyed all the lightstones, so the monstrosity couldn't see the city. It then caught sight of Takadox, trying to hypnotize it, and went under the Barraki's sway for a couple of seconds, until it shook itself out of the Barraki's control and wrapped itself around the Stone Cord, unknowingly knocking Takadox unconscious.

In the cord, it met up with the Toa Mahri and chased them, but Hewkii defeated it using his Mask of Gravity. It later met up with a Ancient Sea Behemoth that Kongu accidentally summoned, and got into a fight with it. It apparently made up with it, and the two found Gadunka. All three headed for the Toa Mahri. The eel was defeated again by Hewkii's Garai.