Destroyer's Game 32
Biographical Information
Species Elemental Creatures
Group {{{3}}}
Mask None
Colors Gold and silver
Element/Powers Light
Homeland Okoto
Occupation Partner of Ekimu
Tools Talons
Location Okoto
Status Alive
Pronunciation a-GIL
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Agil is the Creature of Light, the seventh of the Elemental Creatures on Okoto. He is Ekimu's partner.


Agil was called upon by Ekimu when Umarak, under the control of Makuta, began raising Elemental Beasts to attack the villages. Ekimu sent Agil to find out what Umarak was doing, and discovered that he was looking for the pieces of Makuta's Mask of Ultimate Power. Agil was only able to scratch Umarak before returning to Ekimu, who powered himself up in the Temple of Light to join the Toa in battle.

Once the group (minus the other Elemental Creatures) reached the Region of Stone, Ekimu had Agil share what he had seen earlier. The group then reached the Black Crater and confronted Umarak, who was attempting to open a portal to the Shadow Realm and free Makuta. During the battle, the Toa were easily caught in Umarak's shadow as they were cut off from their elemental powers, but Agil combined with Ekimu to unleash a powerful blast of light, freeing the Toa and returning Ekimu to his normal form.

Powers and Abilities[]

As the Creature of Light, Agil has light-based abilities. This includes allowing others to see events that he has seen.

In combat, Agil can attack enemies using his talons.

Set information[]


Agil in set form.

Agil was released in a polybag set exclusively given out through BIONICLE Magazine. The set's primary play function involves him perching on Ekimu's forearm.


  • In German, "Agil" means "agile".
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