Air Launcher
Air Launcher
Weapon Information
PowerShoots air bubbles
User(s)Mahri Nui Matoran
StatusNo Longer In Use

Air Launchers were a type of ranged weapons used by the Matoran of Mahri Nui and were based on the natural weaponry of the Hydruka. Solidified Air Bubbles were fired from these.


A Le-Matoran scientist of Mahri Nui originally created the Air Launchers to be a means of transport, figuring Matoran could move faster on the bubbles than they could swim. In the first test of the system, the Matoran ran into a Tarakava's arms and was killed.

After that, the invention was turned into a weapon, fired from a shoulder-mounted launcher. When they struck a target, the air became a gas again, 'poisoning' the water-breathing species it hit.

After the Mahri Nui Matoran immigrated back to Voya Nui, the Air Launchers fell out of use.

Known Users[]


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