Air Launcher
Air Launcher
Weapon Information
PowerFires air bubbles
FunctionMahri Nui Matoran
User(s)No Longer In Use

Air Launchers were weaponry used by the Matoran of Mahri Nui and were based on the natural weaponry of the Hydruka. Solidified Air Bubbles were fired from these.


A Le-Matoran scientist of Mahri Nui originally created the Air Launchers to be a means of transport, figuring Matoran could move faster on the bubbles than they could swim. In the first test of the system, the Matoran ran into a Tarakava's arms and was killed.

After that, the invention was turned into a weapon, fired from a shoulder-mounted launcher. When they struck a target, the air became a gas again, 'poisoning' the water-breathing species it hit.

After the Mahri Nui Matoran immigrated back to Voya Nui, the Air Launchers fell out of use.

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