"Kopaka stepped away from Pohatu and activated the power of his mask, enabling him to peer through tons of stones into the network of caves within Mount Ihu. It was the work of moments to find a cavern in which there was a lone Kanohi Hau Nuva, the Mask of Shielding."
—Narration, BIONICLE Chronicles 4: Tales of the Masks
Akaku Nuva
Nuva Mask of X-Ray Vision/Mask of Vision
Power(s)Gave user(s) enhanced X-Ray Vison
Notable Wearer(s)The Toa Nuva
Pronunciationah-KAH-koo NOO-vah

The Akaku Nuva was the Kanohi Nuva Mask of X-Ray Vision, created when a destined Kanohi Akaku was dipped in Energized Protodermis and transformed. The Akaku Nuva gave its user and those nearby the power to see through solid objects and illusions. Akaku Nuva were fitted with telescopic lens to give the user(s) enhanced viewing. For some reason, this mask's power could not pierce the mist in Karda Nui or the domes of the Matoran Universe. The only beings able to activate this mask's power were Toa Nuva.

Akaku Nuva View

The view through an Akaku Nuva's eyepiece as shown in Mask of Light.

Example UsageEdit

In BIONICLE Chronicles 4: Tales of the Masks, Kopaka used his Akaku Nuva to see through the side of Mount Ihu to locate a Hau Nuva.

Known WearersEdit



A sky-adapted Akaku Nuva


  • For some reason, when Akaku Nuva went sky-adapted, the telescopic lens shifted to the left eye as opposed to the usual right.
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