Ancient Sea Behemoth
Ancient Sea Behemoth.jpg
Biographical Information
Species Unknown, if any
Colors Sienna brown
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Location Spherus Magna
Status Alive
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The Ancient Sea Behemoth is an enormous marine creature native to the Great Sea of Spherus Magna.


While fighting Kalmah and Carapar, Toa Mahri Kongu reluctantly activated his Kanohi Zatth, awakening the creature, who had been hibernating for several millenia. The monster became locked in combat with the three hundred foot mutant Venom Eel. The Barraki retreated, and the Toa managed to defeat both creatures, but left them alive.

Later, the behemoth allied itself with the Venom Eel and an enlarged Gadunka, and the three monsters caught up with the Toa Mahri and fought the six Toa. All three were defeated by the combined efforts of the Toa, but were again allowed to live.

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