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Biographical Information
Species Great Being
Group Great Beings
Mask None
Colors Unknown
Element/Powers None
Homeland Spherus Magna
Occupation Scientist
Tools Unknown
Location Unknown
Status Alive
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They will want to tell us that all is well. Toa and Glatorian, Matoran and Agori, will join together on this 'joyous' mission. But all is not well… and if they go in search of those who brought so much glory and so much misery to this world… I fear they will find nothing but death.
— Angonce, Reign of Shadows

Angonce was a Great Being, one of the former rulers of Spherus Magna.


Angonce lived on Spherus Magna with his fellow Great Beings. During the Core War, The Great Beings created the Baterra, and later the Great Spirit Robot. Agonce was the only known Great Being who did not work on the Baterra, as he considered it more important to focus on future hope than present destruction. It was actually Angonce who christened the Great Spirit Robot Mata Nui, using the programming language the robot would use.

It is believed that Angonce stayed on Bara Magna to continue observing the Agori. Because he was believed to have improved the Sisters of the Skrall's powers, all Sisters of the Skrall had a desire to meet him, something Tuma used to his advantage.

After the Great Spirit Robot deactivated on Spherus Magna, he went in search of Marendar, but found that it had already escaped.



  • Angonce was the first Great Being to be mentioned by name.
  • Angonce has dark-colored eyes.
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