Location Information
Primary ResidentsVarious exhibits
Former ResidentsEscaped exhibits, Teridax (alternate), Krika (alternate)
One of the rules in the Archives was, 'If you have to ask what's behind the door, you aren't meant to open it.'
— Narration, BIONICLE Adventures 2: Trial by Fire

The Archives was a large facility in Onu-Metru that contained information on almost everything known to Matoran.

They contained special artifacts (like the Onu-Metru Great Disk) and various Rahi, most contained in Stasis Tubes. The lower levels of the Archives are a dangerous place where some Matoran have become lost, never to be found again. Many Rahi have also escaped their tubes in the lower levels, making it even more treacherous. An Onu-Matoran known as the Chief Archivist made major decisions concerning the Archives along with Turaga Dume. Each entrance was guarded by one guard and the doors had locks that consisted of three levers that changed their position every day. Only the guard on duty knew the combination and position of the levers. At this point, the aforementioned security has been abandoned. The Rahaga took refuge in the Archives when they came to Metru Nui with the Avohkii. Dweller was hiding in the Archives, waiting for a chance to attack Takanuva.

The archives

The Archives

During the Great Cataclysm, the Archives were badly damaged, freeing almost all of the captured Rahi. The Archives were then repaired to their former glory with the Staff of Artakha, and the Rahaga helped replace and recapture missing Rahi before transforming back into the Toa Hagah. The Matoran hid in the Archives to get away from the Rahkshi during the Destiny War. Toa Tuyet was found there by Macku, who was joined by Hafu and Kapura. Tuyet thought a while about her journey; then Tren Krom arrived in Lewa's body. They later slipped out of the Archives.

The Archives were later abandoned along with all other locations of the Matoran Universe and its exhibits were moved to a second Archives, built on the planet Spherus Magna.

Known Exhibits[]

Dark Mirror[]

In an alternate timeline, the Kraahkan was placed there, along with Turaga Dume (in a stasis tube). Makuta Teridax, Kojol and Krika were hiding in a lower level there. Naho was also kept in a statis tube here after being mutated by Roodaka. Other items included:

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