Archives Mole
Archives Mole
Species Information
ColorsBrown, Black, Silver
Species StatusCommon
Even the small, harmless creatures are stalked by the Visorak. I do what I can to save them, but it is not easy to coax them from their places of refuge. They are afraid...and with good reason.
— Rahaga Bomonga, BIONICLE: Rahi Beasts

Archives Moles are small burrowing Rahi.


The Archives Mole species was created by the Makuta using Viruses and Liquid Protodermis to be one of the numerous Rahi to inhabit the Matoran Universe. They were small and harmless.

Originally living in the region of Po-Metru, the Archives Moles were forced to flee due to the increase of Assembler's Villages. A great number of the population fled to the shadowy recesses of the Archives and fed on small Rahi insects and Protodites. Due to their personality and their size, the Archives Moles had to focus on cooperation instead of fighting back to predators. They were proficient at this, forming ladders and bridges of themselves to help others of their species through the more treacherous areas of the Archives.

The Archives Moles used these same instincts when the Visorak invaded Metru Nui. They fled to areas in which the Visorak could not fit, such as the small cracks between buildings. The Visorak would either leave, as they thought better of their time than to try at impossible prey, or spin thick webs blocking the only ways out of the Archive Moles' hiding places, thus sealing them within. As a Rahaga, Bomonga claimed that any stray Visorak webbing in the Archives could be a sign of one of the Archives Moles' hiding spots.

The Archives Mole population later journeyed to Mata Nui and settled in Le-Wahi, later following the Matoran back to Metru Nui. Eventually, these friendly Rahi later migrated to Spherus Magna along with the other surviving Rahi species following the Battle of Bara Magna and the collapse of the Great Spirit Robot



  • The Archives Mole model was designed by Matthew Nichols.