Location Information
Primary ResidentsRahi
Former ResidentsMakuta Miserix
LocationSouth-west from Southern Continent

Artidax was an island that was part of the Southern Islands, therefore located south of the Southern Continent. It was also where Makuta Miserix was imprisoned following his overthrow by Makuta Teridax.


Artidax was a relatively unknown island until a Convocation that Makuta Teridax ordered ended with the overthrow of the current leader, Miserix. He was sentenced to death, and Teridax, taking command, had Makuta Krika and Spiriah carry out his will. Mercifully, he imprisoned him on Artidax, revealing this only to Spiriah. Krika later supplemented the island with Rahi guardians and traps to ensure he would never escape. However, he admitted that he would only give him a chance, as Artidax was volcanic and could kill him.

Hundreds of centuries later, an Order of Mata Nui strike team set out to find Miserix, led by Brutaka, and comprised of Roodaka, Takadox, Carapar, Spiriah, and Vezon, and eventually, Lariska. They arrived on the island and rescued Miserix, who vowed to someday return to the island and destroy it.

Later, Jaller, Hahli and Nuparu arrived on the island with the Heart of the Visorak. After a brief confontation with Takadox, they managed to kill all the Visorak on the island, thanks to the erupting volcano.


Artidax was described as mostly barren, with black sand beaches and volcanic peaks. The active volcano on the island was calmed by Tahu and Kopaka to save Miserix.


When Makuta Krika imprisoned Miserix there, he placed Rahi guards and booby-traps to prevent the escape or rescue of Miserix. Those known are listed below:

  • The beaches were comprised of living sand that could sense the presence of a Makuta. This sand attacked Spiriah by rising up and grabbing him, then trying to drag him below the surface. He was saved when Roodaka used her Rhotuka spinner to mutate the live grains of sand into insects, which couldn't maintain their grip.
  • A tunnel leading inland had a tiny vine across its opening that, if disturbed, would bring down an avalanche of boulders to block the entrance and trap the intruder inside.


  • Artidax was originally the name of Mutran's mask, but Greg Farshtey realized that Chirox and Mutran already wore the same mask, so Artidax was dropped from the story as a Kanohi.
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