No one rides into Roxtus without getting past me. And those that do, heh, never leave.
— Atakus,
Biographical Information
Species Agori
Group Rock Tribe
Mask None
Colors Black and grey
Element/Powers None
Homeland Black Spike Mountains
Occupation Defender of Roxtus,
Agent of Velika
Tools Twin Swords
Location Spherus Magna (Reformed)
Status Alive
Pronunciation uh-TACK-us
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Atakus was an Agori warrior of the Rock Tribe who served the Skrall.


Atakus lived on Spherus Magna prior to the Core War, but it is unknown if he participated in the war. Following the Shattering, he was stranded on the largest segment known as Bara Magna. He lived in northern Bara Magna for many years along with the other Rock Agori and Skrall until the Baterra drove them south. They settled in the ancient city of Roxtus near the Black Spike Mountains where they began to participate in arena matches. Atakus himself became a skilled blocker in arena matches and once fought Gresh along with a Skrall. During the Battle of Roxtus he tried to fight the other Glatorian off but failed and he was forced to retreat to the wastelands where he remained. After the death of Makuta Teridax, Atakus lived on the reformed Spherus Magna. Atakus was an agent of the disguised Great Being Velika, and kept him informed about the events on Bara Magna.


Atakus was cruel, brutal and more than willing to fight intruders of Roxtus. He was also rude and irreverent, and enjoyed mocking and bullying Agori from other tribes. Throughout Bara Magna, it was said that "If you don't hate Atakus, you must never have met him." Description[]

Vicious and nasty, Atakus treats members of all other tribes with contempt. He makes sure everyone knows that his tribe is the most powerful. Though small, he is a tough fighter. He’s a master at parrying with one blade while his strikes with another. His own ego is his greatest weakness - he's so convinced of his superiority that it can make him vulnerable to a tricky opponent.

Powers & Tools[]

Atakus wielded twin swords, and, when combined with his agility and strength, few could withstand more than a blow from his blades. His twin swords were made with a technology alien to most of Bara Magna.

Set Information[]

  • Atakus was released in 2009
  • His set number was 8972
  • The set had 13 pieces.
  • His swords had a glow-in-the-dark feature.


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