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Location Information
Primary ResidentsNone
Former ResidentsGlatorian, Agori
LocationNear the Skrall River

Atero was the city inhabited by Agori from all tribes except for Sand, Rock, and Iron. This was the location of Arena Magna, the oldest and largest arena in which Glatorian could participate.


During the chaos that proceeded and followed the planet-wide disaster, the area was declared off-limits to any raids or invasions. The declaration of Atero as a "free city" was largely a thing of the past, as such the Bone Hunters were no longer afraid of attacking this Agori-built city. During the Great Tournament, an army of Skrall attacked and took the city and destroyed the arena. Gresh, Ackar, and Raanu all worked to defeat the Skrall and to get the Agori to safety. Many Agori and Glatorian were killed in the attack.

After Spherus Magna was reformed, Tahu and Gali went north to look for a good site to place New Atero. They later returned, since Tahu couldn't decide on a good location. They are still looking for one on the Great Desert.

Sahmad's Tale[]

In Sahmad's illusion, New Atero was constructed for the residents of Spherus Magna to live in peacefully.

Arena Magna[]

Arena Magna was the largest and oldest arena on Bara Magna. It was created by the Agori and located in Atero. It annually hosted the Great Tournament. It was also the only one that still stood that existed prior to the planet-wide disaster. The Glatorian and Agori gathered once a year to fight to decide which village was the best.

A short time after the Skralls' arrival to Roxtus, they attacked and destroyed Arena Magna.


Atero was a city, not as large as those on Spherus Magna, but presumably the largest on Bara Magna. It was dominated by the Arena Magna. This was all destroyed by the Skrall. Near Atero, there was a great waterfall of sand that Tarduk described as one of the most spectacular things he ever saw.

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