"Vamprah wears the Mask of Hunger...he doesn't need to come near you to destroy you."
Gavla, Comic 12: Realm of Fear
Vamprah 1 Avsa
Mask of Hunger
Power(s)Let user drain energy, moral light, or positive emotions
Notable Wearer(s)Vamprah (formerly)

The Kanohi Avsa was the Mask of Hunger. It gave its user the power to drain light, physical energy, or positive emotions from a single target over a distance. Physical energy stolen by the user will increase the user's physical abilities. Avsa can be used to make completely lightless beings by draining all of a target's light and then placing a "mind barrier" in the target. However, a Klakk can break this barrier, allowing light to return.

Example UsagesEdit

Great: In Comic 12: Realm of Fear, Vamprah used his Great Avsa on Kopaka to quickly drain his energy. Vamprah also used his Avsa to drain Radiak's light in BIONICLE Legends 9: Shadows in the Sky, turning him into a Shadow Matoran.

Known WearersEdit


  • Makuta Vamprah - Formerly wore shapeshifted version; now deceased and mask destroyed.


  • Gavla - Formerly; since replaced with a powerless Kaukau.


  • The Avsa worn by Vamprah was created out of protosteel.
  • As a side-effect of being worn by a shapeshifter, whenever Vamprah shapeshifted, his Avsa would change with him.
  • The Avsa was considered an immoral mask by Toa. As such, they would not usually wear one.
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