Axalara T9
Axalara T9
Item Information
Primary User(s)Lewa
Primary LocationCodrex
Lewa always had luck.
Takanuva, after Lewa discovered the Axalara T9

The Axalara T9 was a large flying vehicle hidden inside the Codrex.


The Axalara T9, along with Jetrax T6 and Rockoh T3, were constructed by Artakha and placed in Karda Nui, inside the Codrex, sometime before the Toa Mata were born.

After entering the Codrex, Lewa, Pohatu, and Kopaka discovered the three battle vehicles. Antroz, however, had sneaked in, and stole the Jetrax when Kopaka was about to claim it. With the combined forces of Lewa's Axalara and Pohatu's Rockoh, they were able to claim the Jetrax for Kopaka.

It was later used to escape Karda Nui, and it helped to defeat the Makuta invading Metru Nui.

It was later teleported to the Codrex by Artakha, along with the Rockoh T3 and Jetrax T6.

Set Information[]

  • The Axalara T9's set number is 8943 and the piece count is 693 pieces, 36 of which are used to construct Lewa and 657 are used to construct the Axalara T9.
  • Axalara is $80 USD (£50 GBP), making it the third most expensive Bionicle set ever, behind Manas and Skopio XV-1.
  • The set has a handle on the bottom for the owner to have easy play.


  • Of the three T-series vehicles, Axalara was the most powerful.
  • According to the Faber Files, originally Pohatu would pilot the Axalara T-9, not Lewa. This was later changed.


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