BIONICLE Colgate Title
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Availability Retired
Platform Online
Controls Keyboard
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BIONICLE: Colgate was a promotional game sponsored by Colgate.



Level 1 gameplay

The objective of the game was to guide Toa Metru VakamaMatau, and Whenua through three different levels, collecting eight Kanoka Disks in each level. Once the three levels were completed, one had a chance to pick out the disks which were seen at the starting screens of the levels in order to "win heroic prizes." What this meant is unknown, as the redirect one is presented with upon selecting the correct Kanoka is invalid.

Level 1[]


Level 2 gameplay

Level one gives the player control over Vakama. Eight disks must be collected here while avoiding two mobile fireballs which move vertically and the lava at bottom of the screen.

Level 2[]

150px-BIONICLE Colgate Disks

The correct Kanoka Disks

Level two gives the player control over Matau. Seven disks must be collected here while avoiding four mobile, spinning blades which move horizontally. Although there are eight slots for Kanoka Disks in this level, there are only actually seven that the player can collect. However, this does not impede progressing to level three.

Level 3[]

Level three gives the player control over Whenua. Seven disks must be collected here while avoiding three mobile boulders which move vertically.


  • Space Bar - Jump
  • Left and Right directional keys - Move left or right respectively
  • Enter - Begin game


  • S - Skip current level

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