BIONICLE: Dark Hunters
Dark Hunters
Book Information
AuthorGreg Farshtey
SeriesBionicle Legends
Year published2006
Number in seriesGuide
Previous bookNone
Next bookNone

Dark Hunters is a Guide book and came out 2006. It contains all Dark Hunters from the Dark Hunter Contest.


The Dark Hunters--for thousands of years, that name has brought fear into the hearts of everyone from Toa to members of the Brotherhood of Makuta itself. Gathered from every corner of the universe, these thieves, enforcers, and monstrosities have come together in an organization whose reach extends into every council chamber and every shadowy corner. I, The Shadowed One, brought these warriors and wanderers together. For the right price, they will do anything, regardless of the danger. Those of them who are wise have learned to fear my wrath far more than any consequence of their deeds. My Dark Hunters have stolen artifacts worth more than the whole of Metru Nui; they've made Turaga vanish simply into the night; they've spied, deceived, and brought destruction to countless lands--all in the name of profit and power. In this volume, I have collected information on some of my most valued and effective Dark Hunters. Each has been assigned a unique (and false) name, in the event this collection should fall into the hands of Toa or some other self-appointed guardian of light. The sole exceptions are those Dark Hunters who do not leave my side, those who are no more, and those few who have become rogue. And, of course, there are some I have omitted from this record, for their current missions are such that even speaking their name could bring risk of exposure. I do not expect that anyone other than myself will ever read this. But if I am wrong, and someone else sets eyes upon it--well, I would advise that you stay in the light and stay close to whatever friends you have. For the Dark Hunters are no doubt already seeking you out...and you won't like what happens to you.

Featured Dark Hunters[]

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