BIONICLE: Glatorian II
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Book Information
AuthorGreg Farshtey
Year published2009
Number in series14
Previous bookBIONICLE: Glatorian I
Next bookUnknown

BIONICLE: Glatorian II is the third book of 2009. Not much is known about it. The storyline is known from BZPower links.


Welcome to the desert!

Bone Hunters have begun raiding trade caravans in the Dunes of Treason, virtually cutting off the village of Tajun. Even the might Glatorian are reluctant to cross the desert, knowing the hunters may wait to ambush them.

Meanwhile, the mystery of the Skrall deepens every day. Though they are the mightiest fighters in the arena, there are some who worry that they may not be willing to keep battling the other villages for what they want. What secrets are the Skrall hiding, and what threat do they pose to the rest of Bara Magna?

Look for the answers to these and many other questions in the twelfth book of the BIONICLE Series - Glatorian II.

Here is a new BIONICLE legend with lots of mysteries. A treat for fans - a comic, a set of collecter's cards, and the second chapter of Greg Farshtey's new novel "The Crossing".