BIONICLE: Mask of Creation is the first game of the rebooted BIONICLE line in 2015 .


The game tells the journey of the Toa and the Protectors to the center of Okoto. You play with each Toa in their own region, that has four levels, a final level in the Ancient City where you defeat the Lord of Skull Spiders and an extra infinite arena level that you can play with any Toa. In the levels, when you best your score, you'll receive new pieces to change the aspect of the Toa. To pass a level, you must defeat all the Skull Spiders. Your Toa can only resist two attacks, but if you obtain your Golden Mask by making combos, you can resist three attacks. Also, you have a special attack, an upgraded gold mask version of the aforementioned special attack, and a Protector attack that stuns Skull Spiders.


  • Toa (playable characters)
  • Protectors (helper characters)
  • Skull Spiders (enemies)
  • Lord of Skull Spiders (final boss)


  • The storyline doesn't exactly follow the webisodes.
  • The silver Skull Spider resists one attack, the blue resists two, and the green resists three, but at it is mentioned that the blue Skull Spiders are the most resistant.
  • None of the Skull Spiders use the power of their color, but all of the Scorpions can create a shield that hurts you if you attack it. This ability is not mentioned in
  • Sometimes, when you have your Golden Mask, the skin of the character's face doesn't change.
  • In the infinite arena level of the Water Region you can play with all the Toa, but only Gali can dive in the storyline.


  • In an image of Onua and his Protector, the Kanohi Vahi appears as a rock. That easter egg also appears in some webisodes of 2015.
  • When a Toa defeats the Lord of Skull Spiders, the symbol of the Golden Mask of the Skull Spiders under him changes his color from gray to golden, but in the levels that mask doesn't appear.
  • Because the game is run on the Unity engine, the browser version of the game is unplayable on Google Chrome due to support for the engine on the browser being dropped for unknown reasons.