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BIONICLE: Mask of Light - Original Score Soundtrack is the film score to the 2003 film BIONICLE: Mask of Light, composed by Nathan Furst. The score was released fourteen years after the film's release in March 2017, and has a total length of 66 minutes.

To celebrate the film's fourteen-year anniversary, the complete score was released by Rising Phoenix Records. Until the 2017 release, barely any of the film's score was released, with devoted fans taking the time to extract sound effects from the film's music over the years. For a while, only around fifteen minutes of the film's score were available for listening.

In February 2015, Nathan Furst surprised fans by taking to YouTube and releasing "Legend of the Bionicle", which was the first piece of music heard in the film. In February 2017, Nathan Furst confirmed that the film's soundtrack would be released, and this was made true the following month. 

Track Listing

Number. Title Length
1. "Legend of the Bionicle" 4:08
2. "A Great Kanohi Mask" 3:01
3. "Our New Kolhii Field" 1:57
4. "Koli Tournament" 2:10
5. "Prophecy of a 7th Toa" 3:12
6. "Gali's Meditation & Birth of the Rahkshi" 1:47
7. "Trust in the Mask" 1:42
8. "The Fall of Ta-Koro" 7:00
9. "Toa Lewa Helps" 5:09
10. "You Were Following Me" 1:46
11. "Rahkshi Washed and Chilled" 2:51
12. "Shadows Are Everywhere" 4:13
13. "Destruction of Onu-Koro" 4:59
14. "Healing Tahu" 2:41
15. "Toa Reunited and Death of Jaller" 5:32
16. "A New Hero" 2:12
17. "A Simple Game of Koli" 5:45
18. "Unity, Duty, Destiny" 6:22