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A project six years in the making. A massive open-world RPG. Explore the mystical island of Mata Nui. Play as a legendary Toa. Collect the Masks of Power. Intricate combat. Quests and NPCs. Beautiful visuals. Multiplayer. Diverse playstyles. Discover a world like no other. Uncover a mystery beyond imagination.
— Trailer opening
BIONICLE: Quest for Mata Nui
Video Game Information
Developer(s) Crainy
Publisher(s) CrainyCreation
Platform(s) Mac and PC
Release dates To Be Announced
Genre Action-Adventure, Open-world RPG
Rating To Be Announced
Media Video Games

BIONICLE: Quest for Mata Nui is a fan-made BIONICLE open world RPG game that is currently in development. It is created as a mod for Starcraft 2. It retells the 2001 story of the Toa Mata's quest for the Kanohi Masks of Power, culminating in their battle against Makuta.


Developer Crainy worked on Quest for Mata Nui for six years before publicly revealing the project to the larger BIONICLE fandom community. The first trailer for Quest for Mata Nui was released on April 20, 2020. The first gameplay video for the project was revealed the same day.


  • Game Creator / Game Director - Crainy
  • Modelling - Lehvak Nuva
  • Modelling - Crainy
  • Modelling - Vahki6
  • Modelling - Volox
  • Modelling - RC
  • Music - Jonathan Kaplan
  • Gameplay Demonstration Voice-Acting - TeriyakiWarrior22 / Isaac
  • Additional Thanks - Talv
  • Additional Thanks - Caevrane
  • Additional Thanks - Eclipse
  • Additional Thanks - Glow









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