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BIONICLE: The Quest Game is a board game released in 2006. It follows the events of the Voya Nui saga. You play as the Toa Inika, fighting against the Piraka, trying to find the Mask of Life. There are 2 sides to the board. The aboveground, and staircase to the Ignika. You can play cards to send yourself ahead, and others to send your opponents back. There are certain spaces on the board that show Hakann's symbol. When you land there, you use a Bionicle catapult to toss Zamor Spheres at a cardboard cut-out of him. You can go it alone, and if you succeed, you move ahead 1 space. Or, you can have a partner try also, and if either of you succeed, you both move forward 2 spaces.

You also get 6 Miniture Toa Inika Figures. These Figures are;