Makuta coveted this world and all that his brother had. Makuta cast a spell that made Mata Nui sleep. Then Makuta claimed the world, and darkness and death were everywhere. Yet all was not lost. The Great Beings sent six mighty heroes--the Toa--to Mata Nui. Six heroes with one destiny: to defeat Makuta and save our world.
— The Legend of Mata Nui, as told by the Turaga
BIONICLE 1: Rise of the Toa Nuva
Book Information
AuthorGreg Farshtey
SeriesGraphic Novels
Year published2008
Number in series1
Previous bookNone
Next bookBIONICLE 2: Challenge of the Rahkshi

BIONICLE 1: Rise of the Toa Nuva was the first of Papercutz's BIONICLE Graphic Novels, released in 2008.

The comics included cover the story of the Toa Mata's arrival on Mata Nui until their transformation into Toa Nuva after the defeat of the Bahrag. The graphic novel was illustrated by Carlos D'Anda, Richard Bennett and Randy Elliott and written by Greg Farshtey.

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