BIONICLE 1: Rise of the Toa Nuva was a BIONICLE Graphic Novel, that contains many past comics. The comics included cover the story of the Toa Mata's arrival to their transformation to Toa Nuva. The graphic novel was illustrated by Carlos D'Anda, Richard Bennett and Randy Elliot and writen by Greg Farshtey.

Comics Included

[[Comic 1: Coming of the Toa|Comic 1: The Coming of the

Rise of the Toa Nuva



Comic 2: Deep into the Darkness

Comic 3: Triumph of the Toa

Comic 4: The Bohrok Awake

Comic 5: To Trap a Tahnok

Comic 6: Into the Nest

Comic 7: What Lurks Below

Comic 8: The End of the Toa?

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