Better send for the other Toa Hordika, Norik. I think Vakama wants us to drag the Turaga out of bed.


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BIONICLE 2005 Web Comic 1
Issue Information
Alternate titleNone
WriterGreg Farshtey
Series2005 Web Comic Series (Unproduced)
Number in series1
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BIONICLE 2005 Web Comic 1 was the first of an unfinished BIONICLE web comic series originally intended to be released on during the summer of 2005. While the first comic was scripted, the remainder of the project was subsequently abandoned. BIONICLE author Greg Farshtey later released the script for the issue online.


Toa Hordika Vakama and Onewa are in Po-Metru fighting some Roporak. Onewa encases the squad in a dome of rock, but Vakama is pessimistic. For every Visorak they defeat, another one takes its place. Norik urges the Toa seek out the legendary Keetongu for aid, but the Toa Hordika of Fire insists on finding Turaga Dume first. Later, the Toa Hordika are walking through a tunnel. Matau is uncertain if this is the right way, but Vakama claims this is where he and Turaga Lhikan had originally found Dume. However, they find that their path crosses a river of molten lava. Worse still, they are being chased by a group of Keelerak. Worse yet, a squad of Vohtarak are approaching them from above. The half-beast heroes race across the bridge, only to find their way blocked by even more Visorak. Their path blockaded on all sides, Onewa uses his Stone Rhotuka spinner to shatter the bridge and send the team plummeting towards the lava below.

At this point the comic ends, and the story was left incomplete.







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